Specifications and Comparison Of Apple iPad Air 2 and HTC Nexus 9

Nexus has always been a benchmark for the Android platform development, coordination and stimulating the rapid development of OEM manufacturers. Since the first HTC Nexus One devices to work together Google, Already Google announced the Nexus 9 tablet in hardware partnership with HTC, regardless of orientation or specifications are the Apple iPad will have a tremendous impact, let see Specifications ways to compare the two devices.


HTC and Google will undoubtedly try between the mini version and the full-size version to find a balance point, Nexus 9 relatively modest in size. In comparison than the iPad Air 2 short, 5 percent, narrower 9 percent.

In thickness iPad Air 2 is further compressed thickness with only 6.1mm, compared to 24 percent thinner than the Nexus 9.

Weight and Build

First, it is certain that the two are very flat light, although the front iPad Air 2 having an advantage of 16 percent larger faces, but in the heavier weight only 3 percent.

If you used the Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 smart phone, then the Nexus 9 will find very familiar. Only in the Nexus 9 made ​​some changes, the side with a metal frame. The iPad Air 2 sticks to the high build materials, all remain as one piece aluminum material

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Color Options

IPad for the first time this year, adding a golden version. Same with the iPhone iPad Air 2 There are three color choices for consumers.

Display (size)

Nexus screen size 8.9 and the iPad Air 9.7, If the 9.7-inch screen, a little too big for you, or 7.9 inches of iPad mini 3 and a little small, so Nexus 9 is a good choice.

Also worth noting is the Nexus 9 with the iPad Air 2 uses the same 4: 3 aspect ratio. Comparison currently is more difficult both devices offer good visuals.

Screen (Resolution) and Screen (Type)

Both products use the same 2048 x 1536 resolution of the device, since the Nexus smaller dot size 9, so the pixel density of view to be a little higher.

Both have adopted tablet IPS technology

Anti-glare Screen and Tap-on Screen

Apple on the iPad Air 2 adds anti-glare coating, the official says can reduce 56% of reflected glare.

Somewhat similar to LG’s flagship equipment in recent functional, HTC new sensor, allowing users to tap the screen to wake up the screen Nexus 9’s.

Fingerprint Sensor

Apple Touch ID fingerprint sensor has finally landed iPad Air 2, so that the use of safer equipment, in addition Touch ID also supports fast trigger other applications. Touch ID Another feature is support for Apple’s new mobile payment service Apple Pay, however, because there is no NFC module so limited to online shopping.

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Built-in Storage

Both products have the 16GB version, but obviously Apple provides more capacity options

Supports MicroSD Card Expansion

Both flat do not support MicroSD card expansion.


We all are waiting for an official announcement from apple industry, iPad Air 2 using 64 A8X processors, built-M8 coprocessor, but Apple has not announced at the press conference more content. But both slates 64-bit architecture.


IPad Air 2 with the same equipment Nexus 9 2GB of RAM, but Apple did not disclose the information in accordance with the official run sub situation.

Camera (megapixels)

The camera is not always important criterion tablet pros and cons, but the two products are equipped with a 800-megapixel rear camera, can basically meet the needs of everyday shooting, as the image quality is also necessary to know by late evaluation.

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Camera Aperture and Camera Flash

Both flat rear cameras have adopted the same f / 2.4 aperture.

iPad Air 2 is the Nexus 9 does not have a flash, even though only a single flash, but it also means that in low light conditions can be compensated for taking pictures.


Battery (note the different formats… we’ll update when we find the capacity of the iPad)

Apple, Google the two companies used two different battery capacity specification in its official propaganda. As a comparison, Apple said iPad Air 2 has WiFi network and backup gives you 10 hours when fully charged, while Google and HTC’s publicity for 9.5 hours.

Operating System

On the software front, it’s iOS 8 vs. Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’

iPad Air 2 running the latest iOS 8 system, the same Nexus 9 run Google latest Android 5.0 Lollipop systems.

Release Date

iPad Air 2 is now available, while the Nexus 9 still need to wait until next month Nov. 14.

Starting Price

Although the price of Nexus 5/7 is very tempting, but returned to the high quality in the next generation Nexus 9, comparatively speaking Nexus 9 ($400) cheaper than the iPad Air ($500) a 2 $ 100.

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