Important Duties Of Security Guards

All of us intend to remain peacefully in our houses and do our jobs comfortably at our work places. We need to be protected from any sort of untoward incidents to our physique, building premises and valuable belongings for which adequate steps including employing security guards becomes necessary. These noble guys are beneficial in many ways as they perform different tasks related to our security in the following manners.

  1. Protection of property – The sincere security guards, e.g. Security Guards Londonsave our property from any theft, fire, sudden rains or other such ill effects that may damage it heavily. They guard our building premises round the clock and inform us in the event of any eventuality that may be harmful.
  2. Monitoring – The competent security guards provide monitoring services to check the alarm systems and CCTV etc. Anything going wrong with these electronic equipments is reported to us by these honest security guards. Suitable steps are taken by the owners to rectify the defects that are informed by them.
  3. Check over entrants – Our residential societies and company offices are accessed by the employees, outsiders, visitors and the clients or vendors. The security guards keep proper records of the persons that enter the building premises. We can check the entries and come to know if any unknown person has found access. Such records are much helpful in detecting crimes or other incidents.
  4. Overall security of the area – The honest security guards like Security Guards London are responsible for overall security of a specified area related to our residential and business properties. They conduct regular patrolling and ensure that nothing goes wrong with our belongings. Untoward incidents if any are checked by them and the same are informed to the police.
  5. Preparation of reports – The duties of the security includes preparation and submission of the reports to the managements and the building owners. They write everything in detail that has been observed by them during their duty hours. The same can be produced as evidence if it is required by the police or other authorities linked with our safety.
  6. Attend the court proceedings – The security guards perform this service too if the court authorities require them to become witnesses to any incident during their duty hours. Their witness is taken as a strong proof for any incident.
  7. Detention of criminals – Security personnel, e.g. Security Guards London can detain the mischievous persons that intend to commit any fraud or theft during their duties. Criminals are handed over to the police by the security guards who are sincere and capable to perform their task in perfect manners.
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The loyal security guards render other valuable services too that include attending the customers if any subordinate staff happens to go on leave. Calling the ambulances and contacting other departments are also the additional tasks that security guards often do for the hirers. Attending outside telephone calls is sometimes performed well by the competent security guards that do this with pride and pleasure.

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