How To Clean Bamboo Floors?

Normally, when people think of bamboo, the image of a panda bear will almost instantly pop into their minds. Yet, bamboo makes for a great, classy and special “ingredient” used in home decoration as well and over the course of the past few years people have discovered the advantages of bamboo home remodeling products.

Among these products, bamboo flooring does play an important role. The advantages of choosing bamboo flooring over other types of flooring are related to the fact that bamboo floors are situated at the perfect gap between hardwood floors and laminate floors. Basically, they will look and feel the same way as hardwood floors, but they will be slightly easier to maintain and much more ecologically friendly.

If you plan on getting your own bamboo flooring for your home or office, you should acquire as much information as possible on the way you can maintain them. Following, this article will present you with some of the most important pieces of advice in this direction.

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Bamboo Floor Cleaning: The Basic Tips

If you want shiny, resistant bamboo floors, then you have to clean them properly – and there is no way around this. Generally speaking, bamboo floors are slightly easier to maintain and clean than hardwood floors, but they do provide the same feeling.

Floors made out of bamboo will be a bit more resistant to water than hardwood floors, but that does not mean that you are allowed to let them soak up in water until they grow twice their size. Actually, the whole cleaning process for this particular type of flooring will resemble a lot the cleaning process for hardwood flooring.

You should start out by sweeping and vacuuming the floor (this order of things must be taken into consideration). Do make sure that you sweep the floor with something that is soft and dry and that you remove all the dirt. Even more, if you choose to use a broom, always make sure that the broom’s bristles are very soft and not coarse. Furthermore, vacuum the floor, but don’t use a vacuum that has a beater bar because this can damage the floor.

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Next, you should mop your floor, but only once in a while. When you mop the floor, make sure that the mop you choose to use is not drenched in water because this will eventually affect your flooring. Instead, use a slightly damp mop and then dry everything off by using a square, dry mop.

Also, you should remember to use special products for this because they can really make the difference. Hardwood floor products can be too heavy for bamboo and you may want to choose something that is created especially for this kind of wood. Generally speaking, you should not be using wax and the solution you use should be non-alkaline and non-abrasive.

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You may actually be surprised to learn that you most likely have the perfect inexpensive product lying around your house: vinegar. By combining ¼ cup vinegar with 1 quart water, you will end up with a solution that disinfects and removes the dirt thoroughly.

Scuff marks can be annoying if you care about your flooring, but if you want to remove them, do NOT scratch them off. Instead, use a soft rag and pour some cleaning product unto it. Gently rub the area until scuffs are removed.

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