Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Apple iPad Air2

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Apple iPad Air2

iPad Air 2 on Apple’s history is undoubtedly the best iPad tablet,Apple Pay, OS X Yosemite and the iOS 8.1 update on Oct. 17, it gave new breathe life to the microsoft sales , it has equipped with 6.1mm ultimate slim, powerful processor and 64 A8X Touch ID fingerprint sensor to unlock the plate to lead the future development trend of the industry, But its rival Microsoft with Surface Pro3 Boasting a solid slate form and a multi-position kickstand, iPad Air 2 might just be the one to dispel its rival’s claim.

Let see the specification comparisons on the iPad Air 2 and Surface Pro 3

Laptop Mode

Surface Pro 3provides both notebook and tablet modes, its detachable external keyboard provides a quickly and easily transfer to both the laptop and tablet modes, the usercanquickly switch between the two modes needs. Despite the”X”for the iPad is a bit unfair, because it also can connect third-party keyboard devices, but with a different physical connection Surface iPad key board is to use Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a difference in that the iPad itself does not have the bracket, meaning only act tablet use.

Size and Weight

Surface Pro Size 3 has been large enough to let the iPad Air looks like iPad mini. Surface Pro 3 higher than 22%, width 18, thickness 49% when compared to the iPad Air 2. Surface Pro 3 weight 83%, more than the iPad Air 2, if the weight plus keyboard case is iPad Air 2.5 times 2.

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RAM and Battery

IPad Air 2 equipment has been released with 2GB of RAM, and Surface Pro 3 provides two memory 4GB and 8GB versions.

Although the battery capacity than the generation before less, but still able to achieve 10 hours of continuous web browsing. According to official data of Microsoft says you’ll get about an hour less than that on the Surface.

Build and Color

iPad Air 2 to continue with the aluminum design, and Surface Pro 3 is the use of magnesium alloy, the two materials are high-end material. Currently Surface Pro 3 brings a touch of color option on silver, and iPad Air 2 have three options are silver, space gray and gold.

Display (size) and Display (Resolution)

Surface Pro 3 screen 47% more area than iPad Air 2. 12-inch screen size is more suitable for notebook mode and tablet will not feel as much.

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iPad Air 2 win in this resolution segment, iPad Air 2 22% higher pixel density than the Surface Pro 3 so.

Screen (Type)

Both devices use IPS panels.

Anti-glare Screen

iPad Air 2 screen with anti-glare layer, according to Apple’s official announcement of the news can resist 56% of glare.


Surface Pro 3 stylus (named Surface Pen) is an important element Surface Series expansion through the top of the button to quickly trigger the OneNote application on the plate, in any case, to facilitate users to quickly capture inspiration.

Naturally in the course of using the iPad consumers can also buy third-party accessories, but extensions provided is limited, and will not have supported software upgrades to enjoy the new features.

Fingerprint Sensor

Apple Touch ID fingerprint sensor officially landed iPad Air 2, to ensure that your tablet safer, in addition also supports Apple Pay services online shopping.


Surface Pro 3 is substantially in accordance with the specifications stored in the notebook provided, so compared to the conventional flat panel selected to provide more capacity.

MicroSD Card Support

Surface Pro 3 includes a MicroSD card expansion slot, which can be used to enhance the storage space.

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Mobile devices closer to desktop processors, Apple on the iPad Air 2 equipped with the latest 64 A8X processor (triple-core processor). Microsoft offers three versions of Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell processors.

Cellular Option

In the WiFi version based on you then pay $ 130 on 4G LTE network will be able to enjoy the support of iPad Air 2. But Surface Pro 3 does not contain Cellular version.


Compared to the previous generation iPad Air Camera 2 has been improved, 8Mp of the rear 1.2 MP front camera. The Surface Pro is equipped with both front and rear 5-megapixel camera.

Split-screen, Multitasking

iOS system does not yet have split-screen function. Support desktop applications and applications in Modern Snap function in Surface Pro 3.

Software, Release Date and Starting price

Surface Pro 3 is currently running Windows 8.1 Pro systems, iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.1 system. Surface Pro 3 has been on sale for four months old, iPad Air 2 on sale this week. Surface Pro 3 price without a keyboard for $ 800, with a keyboard for $ 930. And iPad Air2 offers on the price of $500.

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