Myths Surrounding The Use Of Technology In Education

Use Of Technology In Education

Education is the most powerful element responsible for shaping a child’s perspective on everything that matters. Hence it is crucial for every child to receive quality education irrespective of his proficiency. With digital revolution facing a boom, technology is being adapted to mold the way students learn things. Education through technology is the latest development addressing major concerns. The real impact of technology in education, however, is yet to be realized.

Use Of Technology In Education Brings In The Following Possibilities

  • Personalized learning experience, suiting the pace of each student.
  • Access to quality education irrespective of the location.
  • Innovative methods and use of high-end tools to explain difficult concepts.
  • Learning in a fun and playful way to enable students to understand better.
  • Promoting high engagement and encouraging students to not just learn but also understand concepts through visual representations and games.
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Although many ICSE schools in Gurgaon embrace the importance of edtech, its importance is still a source of concern. Here are a few myths surrounding the same-

1) Smartphones Are Only For Playing And Not For Learning

The adoption of the smartphone as a versatile gadget in education has created quite a stir. It has facilitated smart, engaging, easy and effective learning offering a plethora of options including cartoons, games, and educational videos. Since smartphones attract children, it is much easier to engage them in learning through this medium. Moreover, learning through a smartphone can be quite fun and easy.

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2) E-Learning Is Additional Burden For The Students

E-learning offers a blend of visual and contextual content to help students understand the concepts faster and better. Moreover, the lessons can be accessed anytime and anywhere, hence offering a greater flexibility. This gives space for students to take out time for extra-curricular activities as well.

3)  E-Learning Isolates Students

E-learning is not an isolating process. In fact, it gives the students a chance to engage with their mentors and fellow students in an innovative and fun manner.  There are also a series of tests and assessments to help students evolve and enhance their capabilities in a completely fun and easy manner via processes such as gamification.

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4) Students Need Constant Monitoring While Learning Through Technology

While the traditional educational system believes in complete spoon feeding rather than encouraging students to learn on their own, technology focuses on letting the students learn and think independently by offering them immersive ways to learn concepts.  There’s no need for strict monitoring since students enjoy learning via technology.

Hence, it is all about making learning an effective and fun procedure with the help of technology. The best schools in Gurgaon are already adopting modern ways of teaching to appeal to students across different proficiency levels and every school must do the same to make learning a pleasant experience

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