Not All Towing Companies Are The Same

Whenever people talk about towing, the general assumption is that they are referring to vehicle towing services. This is usually because the towing of vehicles is one of the most widely used forms of towing services. However, there are numerous different types of towing services that are offered by various companies all over the world. We’ve compiled a few different examples.

Vehicle Towing Services

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most common forms of towing services. Vehicle towing is mostly used when a vehicle is disabled or indisposed. Here, the indisposed vehicle may be hooked onto a pulley that is attached to a tow truck and is then transported to wherever it needs to be transported to. There are a number of ways in which one can tow a vehicle.

The first is towing using the flatbed system. In this system, a vehicle is lifted then fastened onto a towing truck for transportation. The second way one can tow a vehicle is using the wheel lift system. The wheel lift system is easy and it is often used when a car has broken down or has been involved in an accident. It is among the cheapest and most efficient ways to tow a vehicle. The only shortcoming of this system is the vehicle that is to be towed has to weigh 10,000 lbs or less. Lastly, there is medium duty and heavy duty towing of vehicles. Vehicles that weigh above 10,000 lbs can be towed using this system. When one requires towing a heavy vehicle such as truck, a lorry or a tanker, special tow trucks that have the equipment to carry the weight of the vehicles will be used to transport them.

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Water Vessel Towing Services

In the past, medium and large sea vessels had to anchor a significant distance from the shore, especially if it was a rocky area. This was because it was difficult to navigate the vessels through narrow canals or through crowded harbors. The tugboats work exactly like a tow truck. The water vessel is attached to the tugboat, and then it is used to navigate the vessel and tow it to where it needs to be. There are numerous towing companies that offer this service.

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Aircraft Towing Services

Like water vessels, there are times when different types of aircraft need to be towed. This is mainly done when the aircraft has mechanical issues or it needs to be navigated into a hangar. As a result of the size as well as the weight of the aircraft, a special tow tuck will be used to navigate and tow it to where it needs to be. These kinds of tow trucks are a requirement in most commercial airports all over the world.

Towing of Objects

There are times when one needs to move heavy objects for example tree stumps. The stump is not a vehicle, but one will still require the use of a towing service to be able to move it from one point to another. In most cases, a regular tow truck can be used to perform such tasks. However, when the object that is required to be towed is either extremely large or heavy, one can opt to use a tractor to tow it.

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In conclusion, there are a number of different types of towing services. The type of towing service that one should look for depends entirely upon the state and type of object that is to be towed. It is important to ensure that one gets the right towing service for a given problem to avoid any problems during the process.

Written by the staff of Tiger Towing in Columbia, MO.

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