ISIS Beheads A Croatian Engineer

Every day that goes by, there is always some news about the Islamic State. As Tomislav Salopek was headed to Ardiseis Egypt which is a French-Owned company where he worked, he was kidnapped by a group of men. According to most prominent news channels msnbc live streamis that this happened in Cairo on July 22, 2015. His kidnapping as he was driving to work was confirmed by both the Croatian foreign ministry and his employer. He was a subcontracted worker with the company that is a subsidiary of the French’s CGG.

Speaking about the heinous act, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, the Croatian President said that his government was continuing with the search hoping that the victim was alive. Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister said that if the Croatian captive was beheaded, this would only show the cowardly nature of the terror group. Milanovic said that since the group wanted to instill fear on the public, this would not happen as they would continue with their normal life.

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The major news is that kidnappers wanted female prisoners in Egypt to be released within 48 hours otherwise they would behead him.  A video showed the Croatian engineer introducing himself reading from a paper while wearing a jumpsuit. He was kneeling while a man with a knife stood behind him. The group that introduced itself as the Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula posted the beheading images online. Several sources confirmed that it was Tomislav Salopek.

As the fight to deal with terror groups and those alleged to be planning to join the groups gets intense, there are undercover FBIs who have stopped many from becoming part of the groups. As per the news agency is that a couple was arrested in Mississippi as they were about to board a flight where they would then travel to join the Islamic State in Syria. Arrested at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport, the two had planned to let everyone know that they were going on honeymoon as they were married in June.

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Reports identified those arrested as Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla aged 22 and Jaelyn Delshaun Young aged 20 graduates of the Mississippi State University. The two are said to have unknowingly conversed with the undercover agents revealing their secrets and saying that they would be of great assistance when it came to offering medical aid. According to those that watch msnbc live  is that they were skilled enough. Young confirmed to the agents that they would definitely get past the security at their home airport as the staffs there were not thorough. They were schedule to fly to Istanbul from Columbus.

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When they were arrested, they are said to have confirmed their plan to the authorities. The Justice Department confirmed that Young, the daughter of a police officer in Vickburgs converted to Islam recently and Muhammad, the son of an Imam are in federal marshals’ custody after they appeared in court where they were denied bail.

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