Now Share Photos and Videos To FB and Twitter Directly From Your Camera!

Now Share Photos and Videos To FB and Twitter Directly From Your Camera!

It was with the advent of the mobile phones that digital cameras took a back seat. Earlier, photography was an exclusive art that only a few could master, and that too with a lot of hard work put in. Today, it is no more so; with a smartphone in everybody’s hand, fetching a photograph is a kid’s play! It is a different debate as to whether this has downgraded the quality of photography worldwide or not, but there is no denying the fact that the art of photography became accessible to the common man too, instead of being limited to only a few!

With the social networks coming in, photos got their valuation enhanced. Today, they are not just pieces of art but also a medium of communication. Regular and frequent image posts on FB and Twitter has changed the dimensions of communication worldwide; people can now communicate across borders even without knowing each other’s language! In order to supplement this change, a compact camera was needed that imbibes the features of a professional camera as well as those of smartphone cameras.

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A Camera Linked to the Internet

This was not just a dream but quite absurd even a decade ago, but not anymore today. A camera that can click a photo for you and also get it posted on FB, Instagram or Twitter is what people are looking for- because they are no more waiting to reach the office or home to get tuned in to the internet; they are connected on the move 24X7.

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Photos are now exchanged not just for fun and frolic but also to do some serious jobs. Consider this example- a merchandiser visits the remotest of rural places to see the progress of work of an artisan, takes a snap and sends it to the overseas designer for a feedback, gets the same in minutes, instructs the artisan and returns! Whoa, how’s that! Isn’t it fast enough?

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A compact camera such as the Lumix DMC CM1 from Panasonic comes with very high technical specifications that are user friendly. Let’s have a look here:-

ü  1 inch screen display with 20 MP MOS sensor.

ü  Full manual control of shutter speed, ISO and aperture for exposure.

ü  Provision for both video recording and still photos.

ü  Enhanced options to bring in special effects on still photos.

ü  Huge storage capacity of 4K for both videos and stills, enabling one to use them extensively for social network posting!

ü  Directly connected to FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.- no need to transfer them to laptops.

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