Obama Urges World Powers To Accelerate The Response To Ebola

Obama Urges World Powers To Accelerate The Response To Ebola

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged world powers to speed up the Ebola outbreak in West Africa for the raging speed of response, and warned that if the medical staff, medical equipment and treatment center will not be deployed quickly, the disease will claim tens of thousands of lives. “This epidemic will get worse before it starts to improve,” Obama said in the center for Disease Control and Prevention. Here he met with the doctor just returned West. But “now, in this world have the opportunity to save lives,” he said.

On Monday, an Ebola patient dead in the streets of the Liberian capital. Liberian President Obama has been pleading for more support for the fight against the epidemic.

Government officials said that, in addition to Pentagon officials have said the 25-bed field hospital will be built in Liberia, the president will offer something more. Liberia is one of three West African countries suffer from the ravages of the disease. President Obama will Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia to assist in the construction of the region up to 17 Ebola virus treatment centers, a total of approximately 1,700 beds.

Senior officials of the U.S. government said late Monday, the Defense Department will conduct a joint command operations in the Liberian capital Monrovia, to coordinate international efforts to fight the disease. The military will also send engineers to help build more treatment facilities, and adequate staff to send up to 500 week training health care workers to deal with the crisis.

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Officials said the military sent to Africa is expected to number up to 3,000 people, who will assume the responsibility to deal with Ebola.

“We are aware of the unusually severe epidemic,” a senior official told reporters that he asked not to be named because it was before Obama made ​​a public speech on Tuesday. Other officials said the new effort should be able to reverse the epidemic situation of rapid expansion, the current epidemic continues to grow daily.

Officials said the White House’s plan would increase the mission to West Africa’s doctors and other health care professionals from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies quantity.

The U.S. government will provide 400,000 sets of sets against the Ebola virus family care and treatment supplies to Liberia, as well as tens of thousands of people infected with the virus used to detect whether the kit. The Pentagon will go to the West African health workers to provide some logistical equipment, and to provide government officials call “command and control” organizations assist in the coordination of the overall aid work. The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to bear part of the task of the Ministry of Defense of the work.

Government officials did not say that 17 treatment centers when to be completed in Liberia; local officials and international aid officials have said that in order to curb the rapid spread of the disease, the number of beds needed in Liberia can only reach 1000 in the next week.

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Infectious diseases and public health experts William Dr. Xia Funa (Dr. William Schaffner) Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University) praised the plan, calling it a “significant commitment”, and said it plans than he imagined more extensive.

Infectious Disease Research and Policy Center Director, University of Minnesota Michael T. Osterholm said the plan is an important first step, “but apparently not enough.” He said that taking action is not enough only in Liberia, but also to Sierra Leone and Guinea should provide more help, the two countries are also experiencing the most serious outbreak of the Ebola virus.

Osterholm said, “We should now put the whole of West Africa to be treated as a major outbreak. Very clear that we all have to deal with the outbreak of the Ebola area.

Senior White House aides on Monday denied criticism from African officials and representatives of aid groups and doctors, who accused the United States action in the face of the disease is slow. White House spokesman Josh Ernest said, including disease prevention and control center, including government departments, when the disease broke out in the early spring of this year, it had already promised to provide $ 100 million in aid.

“Severity of the disease prevention and control center and crisis response commensurate,” Ernest Obama plans on Tuesday before going to the agency headquarters in Atlanta, told reporters. Ernest said the response was “disease prevention and control center staff up to date dispatched once.”

Senior officials acknowledge that the U.S. government, with the threat of the epidemic will spread to Africa, perhaps even outside Africa, efforts must be further expanded. Officials said the administration’s medical experts very worried indeed a possibility, both the virus will mutate, leading to an increase of infectious diseases, it would be likely to threaten the United States.

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The World Health Organization has issued a serious warning to the Liberia Ebola virus, said patients were infected exponentially, all treatment facilities, newly established overwhelmed, “indicates a huge amount of work had never seen before.” Liberian crisis of this description, suggesting more than previously thought chaos.

Johnson-Sirleaf has called on Obama to take more action to help her country, she and the American ambassador Deborah · R · Malak (Deborah R. Males) together at the weekend visited the Liberian capital Monrovia.

“Scale of assistance required is unprecedented,” a senior government official said in an interview that she asked not to be named because White House officials are not allowed to make public comments before Obama announced.

Another senior government official said the United States also plans to release the county the most serious outbreak of 400,000 sets of household protective equipment to Liberia four Ebola. Protective equipment, including gloves and masks for each family member to use, disinfectants, and antipyretics.

Osterholm said, worrying, yes, because it was difficult not to be infected with Ebola patient care at the time, the usefulness of these protective equipment has not yet been confirmed. He said, “We provide these supplies will bring a greater risk of family members.”

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