Pamper Your Body And Celebrate Your Skin With Azulene Formula

Most of you won’t believe that there are some people out of many that pamper themselves with waxing stuff. Unbelievable right?

Well you believe it or not but they actually do – Waxing is nowadays part of our daily lives because everyone like to be clean up. So, removable of unwanted hair is important. But some are afraid of waxing so they go in the den of either shaving or trimming- which is completely wrong concept.

Following are few points which show why you need to choose waxing over shaving or trimming:

• Waxing never end s up with hard hair whereas shaving/trimming does
• Re-growth of hair is minimal as compared with shaving
• No chance of rashes or stubble skin in waxing
• Your skin will feel fresh and gentle after waxing whereas in shaving there isn’t any chance
• No black skin is there after waxing

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Therefore, waxing is trustworthy method to opt for always and this method never fails, and still if anyone feels scared then there is new wax type introduced i.e. AZULENE FORMULA.

Description is beneath

Blue hard wax with Azulene:

This is made from the wax of bees along with high quality rosins.


• Low temperature application
• Removal can be done without any strips
• No chance of breaking or cracking
• Perfect for Brazilian wax
• Contain 1000g/330oz bag
• Even tiny hair are pulled off i.e 1mm


Two things i.e great elasticity and fast cooling for speedy applications are included. The ingredient Azulene completes blue formula making it suitable and appropriate for all skin types. The highly effective and easily applied low melting point waxes open up skin pores easily and grip hair firmly to make removal in an easier way by extracting hair at the root to delay growth.

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This variety is has become popular for:

• Brazilian bikini waxing,
• Chest area with males
• Legs and
• Can be used in full body applications too.

It’s a strip less formula so it provides less painful waxing experience.

Areas covered are:
Brazilian Bikini, Chest, Legs, and Full body


Azulene, Natural Bee’s Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Colofonia, Rosin Ester with Glycerin, Antioxidants and Pigments.

Instructions for use:

Heat wax to temperature- 50°C/120°F to produce honey like texture, then lower temperature to lowest setting and wait about 10 mins. Just test the wax’s temperature on your wrist before applying it on body.

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Firstly, prepare your skin for waxing and then apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Then, leave to cool and carefully peel off the wax by pulling it back parallel to your skin surface in the opposite direction to hair growth.

There are other varieties:

• Blue
• Green
• Natural
• Rose petal
• Chocolate
• Seaweed specially for men, and
• mauve.

All the above description leads us with one decision i.e either go for simple waxing i.e cold wax / warm wax or Waxing by Azulene formula. Keep calm and choose Azulene formula.

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