Parents: Learn 5 Ways To Help Your Kids Eat Better At College

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Even though you child has grown up and gone off to college, you are still parents.  You’ve done your job and raised your child to be an adult.  So before they go off to college, here are 5 ways you can help your kids eat better while at college.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy and hearty breakfast is a great way to start the day.  Breakfast provided much needed energy to get you through the morning.  It also helps you focus when you’re attending classes.  Make sure that your breakfast contains protein, carbohydrates and vitamins like vitamin C.  You can keep whole-grain cereals in your room, nuts, oranges and milk in your mini-frig.

Plan Your Supermarket Trips

With limited storage in your dorm room, shopping for groceries can sometimes be challenging.  Make a list so you can pick up what you need.  A good idea is to make a list that is wholesome and full of nutritious products.  Fresh fruits are a great addition.  Just remember that you have to keep your food items in a small space, so choice wisely.

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Store Healthy Options

You will probably purchase items that can be stored easily and without the need of refrigerating.  Keep healthy foods like tuna and peanut butter around for snacking.  Other products that store well and are healthy choices are popcorn, raisins and pretzels.  Fresh fruits again make a great healthy snack instead of potato chips and cookies.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Eating out such as in the cafeteria or local café can also have its challenges.  If you do eat in a cafeteria, choice healthy food options like fish, roasted chicken and fresh vegetables.  Salad bars are a good way to eat light and healthy.  Just be careful of salad dressings and high calorie toppings.  Egg whites instead of whole eggs, lemon juice instead of blue cheese dressing can save you calories and help keep your fat intake down.

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Use the same ideas in mind if you snack in your dorm room.  If you have room in your mini-frig, store baby carrots and other easy to reach for foods so that you can snack without guilt.  Microwave popcorn can be a great way to satisfy the urge to snack without the added fat and empty calories that other snacks have.

Induction Cooktop

Having the ability to heat up or cook your own meals is a great alternative to eating out.  However, dorm life has its challenges and one of this is actually cooking.  Many dorms won’t allow appliances like hotplates in fear of fires.  Now your child can cook quick and healthy foods without fear of fire and unsafe conditions.

Purchase an induction cooktop like the one sold by As Seen on TV called the NuWave Induction Cooktop, also available at Carol Wright Gifts Shop. They use magnetic energy to heat and cook your meals.  Magnetic energy is transferred directly to your pot or pan more effectively and decreases cooking times.

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These cooktops are very handy and easy to place anywhere you want.  You now have more options as to where you want to cook.  With its small and portable size, you have the option to use them anywhere you have electricity available.  When you are done, you can store it conveniently away until the next time you pull it out and set it up.

Life away from home for the first time has its rewards and challenges for both parent and child.  But you’ve done your best to raise your child to make good decisions.  With those lessons learned and with a little creativity, your child can still eat healthy and smart while away at college.

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