Planning A Successful Wedding Menu

While in the past there were limited options for what was commonly consumed at a wedding, menus are now diverse and incredibly varied. Because there are so many other details to worry about on your special day, it is important to carefully plan out the catering and menu beforehand. This can be difficult, but with the right steps taken, can be exciting and memorable for your wedding.

Highlight Your Favorite- Food or Music?

First, you need to figure out how elaborate you want your food to be. In some weddings, the dinner is the star of the evening, and you may have a multiple-course feast in mind. However, in other weddings, there is more of a focus on the music or entertainment. In this case, you also need to decide whether you want a sit-down meal, or if you prefer your guests to stand and help themselves so they can move around while eating.

Plan Months in Advance

Regardless of which of these styles of eating you decide on, it’s important to start planning early. Booking a caterer should be done several months in advance, and you need to leave yourself time to research who you want to do the catering. Some wedding venues require you to use their caterer; so before settling on a place or person, don’t forget to research.

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When planning for your wedding, hopefully you’ve been able to figure out a budget, and speaking to your potential caterers about this is crucial. Almost every decision regarding food can affect the cost, so plan accordingly to your spending margin.

Add a Personal Touch

When it comes to choosing the food itself, you have countless options and combinations. Start by thinking of your likes and dislikes, while also considering your heritage and diversity. Many couples add personal touches to their menu, including foods from their childhoods or that have significance in their lives. However, make sure not too make your menu too personal- don’t alienate your guests, and be sure to provide multiple options.

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Depending on your budget, it’s often possible to offer the guests multiple entrees, and if not, at least provide several different appetizers. Find out about any food allergies or dietary requirements far in advance and work out the best options with the caterer. It’s also important to consider how many guests you’ll have, and what the best meal is that can feed that number of people and not be problematic.

Be Creative!

There are other details to consider when creating your wedding menu, one of which is the weather. Certain foods that are appropriate for winter may not work in a summer wedding, and vice-versa. Another thing to think about is the presentation of your food- being creative with how and what your food is served in can make your wedding even more memorable. Be sure to find a caterer that sees presentation as crucial to the meal.

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On the other hand, make sure that whatever you request is possible considering the location and kitchen utilities of your wedding venue. Hotels may have the facilities necessary, but unusually placed or isolated venues may not.

After taking into account these details and assuring you’ve suited you and your guests needs, your wedding dinner should leave a lasting impression, and will help to create wonderful memories of your special day.

Samantha Howard has helped several couples plan for their big day whether big or more smaller and personal. As long as you research what you want for your wedding, you can make it work. She advices her couples to look for any kind of articles about wedding budgets, food, venues– some info on your wedding day is better than none at all.

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