Popular Aquariums In And Around NYC

Popular Aquariums In And Around NYC

Take your child to one of the many aquariums in NYC and give them a peek into the exciting world of sea creatures. Let them view close-up colorful aquatic creatures and their water tricks. The sight of multi-hued animals swimming around in big,  transparent tanks is sure to get  pulses racing for the kids. These places are much more than fishes and their exhibits, as they give a rich look into  marine life. So, let your kids dive into the magical jewels of the sea and get enrichment and entertainment alike.

Here is a list of popular aquariums in NYC:

#New York Aquarium

This aquarium on Coney Island’s Boardwalk is perhaps the most famous of  all  currently existing in the city It’s the oldest aquarium still in use today. Visitors here get to see a lot of marine life including seals, walruses, rays, red-bellied piranhas and sharks. Yes, your kids will be delighted at the presence of reef and sand tiger sharks. Penguin and otter feedings are other major draws at this celebrated aquarium in the Big Apple.

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#Atlantis Marine World

This aquarium in Riverhead on Long Island,  is known for the largest living coral reef display in the world. The famous mythical island ‘Atlantis’ is the inspiration behind the interactive exhibits here. Some of the sea creatures to be seen here include: stingrays, sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks and moray eels. Kids can get a kiss from a seal while grown-ups can enjoy the recreation of a salt marsh with lots of creatures in it. Visitors here are sure to enjoy  the activities of seals, sea lions and walruses.

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#Adventure Aquarium, NJ

Visit this popular aquarium and get to see close to 10,000 sea animals from across the world.  Visitors are assured of seeing sea life in an authentic environment. A diverse range of sharks are seen here and visitors can also marvel at sea dragons, jellies and a Giant Pacific octopus. Visitors here can even touch moon jellies, northern lobsters, or pink shrimp. Nowhere else in the US would you get the opportunity to touch all these animals together!

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 #Aquarium of Niagara

This aquarium is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. It has a family-friendly atmosphere with a rich variety of sea creatures on display. California sea lions  swim, soar and slide to delight visitors. Further, you also get to enjoy Humboldt Penguins on exhibit. Some other sea animals to expect here include:harbor seals, sharks, sea horses, freshwater turtles, sturgeon and other sea water fishes. Housing over 1,500 aquatic animals, this place close to Niagara Falls should be on your must visit list.

Visit some of these well known aquariums in and around the Big Apple and have a memorable trip with a hop on hop off New York trip.

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