RAINSCREENS – All you need to know about it

If you are unaware about rainscreen and their function, than know this thing that they are used for providing protection to the walls (external) of the buildings from the harshest weather condition, especially from rain and its adverse effect. In simple words, it can be said that rainscreen safeguards the exterior walls of a building or house by diverting or deflecting the rainwater in order to safeguard the walls from moisture problems. Dri-Design Rainscreen systems should be on top of your priority list if you have decided to have a rainscreen for your property. Generally, rainscreen is nothing but an external cladding for the safety of the building’s wall.

What is Cladding?

If you are wondering what cladding is, then know this fact that it means covering one material with another material. In the case of rainscreen, the covering material acts as a protective coating for the original wall of the building. The external walls and roofs are provided with cladding to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

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Other things that you should know

Generally the materials that are used for cladding are stone, wood, glass, metal and masonry. The cladding material reduces the force with which rain hits the surface of the wall and the cavity which is at the back of the cladding reduces the thrust of the rain. In most of the materials which are used for cladding there are pores which goes back to the cavity and supplies air in order to prevent buildup of moisture and thus they protect the inner wall from moisture and its disadvantages.

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By providing external rainscreen you can protect the original wall of the building safe and can add years to its life. There are a number of options available in the market. For getting the best deal you will have to carry out a small research over the available options. Never ever go with the very first option that comes across. For making the deal beneficial for you should consider all the options. Try to get quality material.

Before selecting any specific material you should search for all the pros and cons of that material. It is better to stick with that option whichisecofriendly, durable and comes in variety of design. If you are 6hinking that rainscreen are used only for providing safety to the walls of a building or a house than you are wrong. You can enhance the beauty of your house with rainscreen. You can select the right design and material which suits your requirement and budget. Try to purchase a rainscreen which matches with your house.

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