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You may have just found out that you will be hosting a large event, and aside from figuring out where to hold it you will probably also need to rent the majority of the equipment. Many people just don’t have the proper equipment to service so many people, and often outdoor locations will not provide it for you either. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary party, there are going to be a lot of things that you will have to acquire on your own. The big question is: what are you even able to rent for such a large-scale party? Below are some of your most viable options, and keep in mind that many rental companies will also come to install your rentals for you.

Tents and canopies are usually the first things to be considered when holding a large event. Tents can come in a variety of sizes with a bunch of features that you may not be aware of. For example, an outdoor wedding may need a dance floor under a tent as well as lighting for dining and social areas. Many tents that you can get are equipped to do this, which would without a doubt enhance your experience. Tents are very sturdy and are built to stand in absence of an actual building all while getting that feeling of the open outdoors surrounding you. Canopies are also a nice choice, however they are not as stable as tents. Most of them can’t do any of the light fixture features and they also have to be placed onto a grassy area in most cases. However, if neither of those things are a problem then they can be the perfect addition to personalizing your party.

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Tables and chairs are also important things that are readily available for you to rent. After all, how can you have a party without anywhere to sit? There are so many styles of seating out there that it might even be a difficult choice to choose from. If you are planning for a big wedding, looking at banquet tables and round seating tables could be the way to go. If you don’t need something quite that fancy, there are other options such as umbrella-covered tables and high top round tables to better suit your guests. Oftentimes if you are having a themed event, you can also ask your rental company about specialty tables to get the job done. Along with the tables, you will probably need some linen, too. Tablecloths and napkins can be rented in all sizes and colors, and this is especially helpful if you have a specific color scheme that you are working with.

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Many rental businesses will even be able to service dining ware and centerpieces should you need it. Rental plates, cups, glasses and even barware can make your party planning much easier. You won’t have to spend hours thinking of all the different styles of equipment that you would need, you just need to tell the company you are renting from about your event and they will take care of the details.

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In addition to the previously mentioned, many rental equipment businesses will also be able to provide dance floors, pool tables, portable bars, bubble machines and even popcorn makers. Each individual company will have their own extras to help you make your special event even more personal. Your job is to just figure out which one in your local area will serve you the best.

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