Rising EDM& Hip Hop Artist, MAZEMENT, Releases Explosive New Single

MAZEMENT, a rising artist in the independent music scene in New York, has released his newest single, ‘Life.’ The explosive high-living track embraces all of MAZEMENT’s eclectic talent and inspiration. The epic new single elegantly pairs dubstep and electronica influence with powerful production and an even more powerful vocal performance. MAZEMENT has been endeavoring to show the world his true rap skills through an online campaign to freestyle on social media.This, paired with several other releases, remixes, and live performances,has garnered him a modest following online.

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Though MAZEMENT is just now emerging as a powerhouse act, his climb has been a long and arduous one. At a very early age, he devoted his life to DJ’ing, until he pursued his dream to become a recording artist after he turned eighteen. Each of his projects seamlessly meld instrumentation and ideas across a variety of genres that stretch just as many decades.

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MAZEMENT was very much a child of the 1990s where Smashing Pumpkins, Tupac, and Dave Matthews all reigned king. His original content, however, draws a perfect line between his vintage influence and his contemporary intuition. ‘Life’ exhibits just that, proving that MAZEMENT has not only longevity as a recording artist, but the talent and prowess to carve through an incredibly difficult industry.

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Fans of MAZEMENT can find him on his website and social media platforms. ‘Life’ is already available on Reverb Nation and other major music platforms. Please see the corresponding website below.







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