Self Storage For Business: 4 Things You Have To Know

Self storage is not just the solution for families with a lot of stuff. Self storage works for businesses in the UK, too. If you own a small business there are many different ways self storage can be useful, and can help to solve your space problems. Plus, self storage is not simply space for boxes anymore. Modern storage facilities also help to solve other work issues and help you to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively – read on to find out more.

1. Self Storage is for Downsizing and Upsizing 

Using a self-storage unit is a great solution if you are cutting back on your office space for reasons of cost or convenience. With the price of office rent rising all the time, it helps your bottom line to be able to rent the smallest premises you can. But what do you do with all the files, boxes, and equipment that you might not use on a daily basis but still want to keep hold of? Pay for a self-storage unit. On the other hand, you may be moving into bigger premises to cope with an extra amount of work. A storage unit is ideal for handling the furniture and equipment that you need to work out where to place. You might want to sell the things or keep them in your new office, but you need somewhere in the meantime to keep them safe.

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2. Storage Units Give You Easy Access to your Equipment

If you have a great deal of items that are only used once a year, or equipment that is useful only on an infrequent basis, store them in a self-storage unit. For example, stock for the Christmas rush needs to be kept somewhere but you don’t want to rent a larger office just to have room for these seasonal goods. Also, you need to have them stored somewhere you can access them easily. There may be a time when you need something unexpectedly – immediate access is required so you have the flexibility to use your items when you need them.

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3. Self Storage is the Solution for Files and Paperwork

Ask any business what creates the most clutter and they will likely say files and paper documents. It may be admirable to work towards the goal of a paperless office but in the meantime, take the paper off the floor and keep it safe in a storage unit. Many units will provide you with filing systems and devices to help you store the paperwork where you can easily locate it.

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4. Create Your Own Distribution Centre with a Storage Unit

You may have tiny office premises or you may work from home, but you still need to store stock that will be shipped to customers. Use the self-storage unit as your distribution unit. You can have everything you need in the unit to pack and send items, and use this space as your shipping centre. The bonus is you can access the store at all times of the day or night, depending on your workload and customer demand.

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