Smart Home Improvement Ideas For Less than $1,000

Smart Home Improvement Ideas For Less than $1,000

If you want to add some value to your house or apartment, you need to invest in it. You can watch some videos on YouTube to inspire yourself to remodel your space and make it warmer and more comfortable. When it comes to home renovation $1,000 may not be a lot of money, but that amount can go a long way toward updating and fixing many things around your home, especially if you are planning to sell your home soon. Here are some tips:


The bathroom is the smallest and one of the busiest room in any home, so we need to keep it clean and tidy always. You can spend $1000 and give your bathroom an updated look as well as increase its functionality. An interesting shower curtain, new light fixtures, fresh linens, and cute accessories like robe hooks and towel bars can instantly modernize your bathroom. Think about replacing your old toilet with a new model and to reduce water consumption, add a faucet aerator.

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You may can’t totally update your kitchen design with $1000, but you can definitely install new door pulls and new drawer that instantly modernize the cabinet fronts. If you have some skills, you can add big visual appeal to your space by adding a new backsplash tile design. For appliances, you may not be able to afford the latest tech, but you can invest in a dish washer or energy-efficient stainless steel refrigerator. Energy-efficient appliances will add value to your home and help you save on utility bills.

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The front door is the first thing your guests see. One of the easiest and simplest ways to improve the look of your home from the street is to make your front entrance more inviting. What you need to do is to replace the front door. Try a new solid door with modern fittings or locks, or update your existing door with new handles and paint. If the door is in a good shape, then you can add charm to the space by adding potted plants, a new house number or new exterior light.


Remember that good lighting can make your home look warmer and larger. Remove any old fixture and replace them with new modern, yet energy efficient models. There are so many amazing lighting designs available Chandeliers and pendants in attractive metals can change the look and feel of your living room, bedroom or kitchen more than you might think. If you like your old fixtures but want to give them a quick update, change the color of the metal or try new shades.

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Any room can feel much larger and interesting if you add a few wall decors. You can make your space even larger if you use the walls from the floor to the ceiling – giving the eye a reason to move up and down. You can add splashes of colors by decorating the walls with some paintings, fabrics or shelves.

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