Creative Decorations For Your Christmas Party

Creative Decorations For Your Christmas Party

Christmas is here! Time to spruce up homes or offices for that grand holiday celebration. Feel the spirit of Christmas by creating a festive atmosphere that reflects the season. Here are awesome Christmas decorations for your Christmas party.

A Balloon of Ideas

Since balloons are usually used for decoration, it is time to find creative ways in using them. They can be beautiful Christmas decorations for your Christmas party with these imaginative ideas.

  • Giant holly. Cut out two big green leaves and post them on the wall. Blow up three medium-sized balloons and mount them on the wall, too. Arrange them in a way that they look like a giant holly. Do more of these and mount them in different parts of the room.
  • Giant Christmas lights. There are two ways you can do this. First, blow up balloons of bright colors. On each of its end, put a green plastic cup and glue it in place. You can then hang them creatively on the wall or ceiling by drawing a string through the cups to hold the balloons up. Second, you can really put light bulbs inside each balloon. This might get tricky with the wirings and all, so you might need professional help to make sure everything is done right.
  • Bundled Christmas chandeliers. Bundle up green and red balloons. You can mix up regular balloons and those squiggly ones. Once you’ve got an ample-sized bunch (about 12 to 14 balloons with some squiggly ones), you can hang them from the ceiling much like a chandelier. Have more bundles so you can add more balloon chandeliers.
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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle sticks are popularly used as craft materials. This is because they can be utilized pretty much everywhere. They can be painted on, too, making them highly customizable.

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One suggestion as Christmas decorations for your Christmas party are popsicle stick snowflakes. You can make geometric shapes and glue them together to form a snowflake. Be as creative as you can. After making your own snowflake, paint the sticks with white.

You can also alternately paint some with white and leave the other sticks with their natural color. You can also have a combination of white, dark blue, and light blue. Mount them on the wall, post them on the door, or hang them from the ceiling as chandeliers.

Santa’s Here

Here’s a great idea. You can print Santa shoe templates or outlines (readily available online). Cut through these and post them near the table where gifts or found. You can also place them in strategic places around the room. Fill holes with snow. Gently lift the template up. You are now left with Santa’s snowy footprints around the room.

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Doors as Gifts

Here’s another idea among the many Christmas decorations for your Christmas party. You can decorate your doors as if they are gifts. Use two pieces of red cloth. One goes vertical and the other horizontal. Make them intersect in the middle much like a present. Put a huge green or white bow in the middle. Now your door looks like a gift for everyone who enters through it.

There are still so many Christmas decorations for your Christmas party. Try some of the suggestions above and be open to other novel ideas to decorate your home or office. With these ideas, your home or office will definitely reflect happy and hopeful cheer so fitting for the season.

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