Some Important Points To Remember While Movie Ticket Booking Online

Movie Ticket Booking Online

We all love the convenience of getting our movie ticket booking done online by clicking few buttons on our personal computer, laptop or the mobile phone. Plans are made fast and implemented super fast this way. Gone are the days when going out for a movie needed advance planning. Nowadays with smart phones and Wi-Fi enabled computers and laptops nothing requires much preparation and detailing.

Some important points to remember:

Some Important Points To Remember While Movie Ticket Booking Online

  1. Firm up the plan before pressing finally the pay button because once the tickets and seats are booked for a certain movie and show, there is no going back. Once you get the confirmation, neither can you cancel the ticket nor can you modify it. And there is no refund of the money that you paid.
  2. Once the payment against the movie ticket booking has been processed, you will receive a SMS/email on your registered mobile number and email id. In case the confirmation does not come in some time, please submit the ‘resend confirmation’ button once more to get the confirmation.
  3. The physical tickets can be collected from the box office counter. The virtual ticket is emailed to you and even sent via whatsapp onto the registered mobile number.
  4. When you go to pick the physical tickets from the ticket counter, it is essential to carry the debit or the credit card that has been used to book the movie tickets. This is to ensure that the person who has booked the ticket is the bonafide owner of the card.
  5. In case the movie ticket booking has been done using Netbanking, in order to collect the physical tickets you need to show the confirmation email or the SMS received from the aggregator along with an original ID proof.
  6. Remember the website of the aggregator or the brand will use cookies for customizing the site as per customers’ requirement to offer personalized service.
  7. Incase while the system hangs during the payment process, the money is deducted from your account but you receive an error message on your phone or email, do not worry. The deducted amount will be refunded or reversed back to your account within a stipulated period of time, as per banking and financial rules of the country.
  8. Most of the online sites dealing in digital transactions follow the 2 level authentications as formulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Hence while making payments using any of the methods other than the virtual wallet, you will be asked to enter a one-time password that is sent to your mobile via SMS or emailed to your email id after you have entered the card details or bank account details.
  9. Most of the aggregators have the virtual wallets that are possibly the safest method of making payments online. This is so because neither do you have to mention your card number in this case nor your bank account details. All registered users of the e-wallet can use it to book online movie tickets.
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