Switch Real Grass With Artificial Grass In Golf Courses For Water Conservation

Golf is a much loved sport of many sports enthusiasts worldwide. When it comes to environmental friendly solutions, then golf courses are not far behind. Many golf courses are resorting to having artificial turfs in exchange for real grass.

The Go Green Initiative

We all know that water is a valuable asset to our planet. When it comes to excessive water consumption, then golf courses play a major role here. A typical 18-hole golf course that makes use of natural green grass would require about hundreds to thousands of gallons of water every day.

In addition to this, the water gets mixed with harmful chemicals and pesticides to prevent the grass to get infested by pests. This water then continues to flow to rivers and ponds, endangering the aquatic life.

Taking all these factors into consideration, many of the golf courses have decided to invest in artificial golf greens grass and contribute to the Go Green initiative.

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Benefits of Artificial Turfs for Golf Courses

Artificial turfs are nothing but synthetic fibers that are designed to look like real grass. When compared to traditional methods, these are easy to maintain.

Some of the additional benefits of these turfs include:

  • These are pesticide free and do not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers
  • Artificial turfs have better durability since they do not dry or wilt like real grass during different seasons
  • These turfs are appeasing and appealing to look at. These tend to be lush and green all throughout the year
  • These artificial turfs come with even playing surfaces, giving way to fewer injuries when compared to real grass
  • It requires no mowing
  • It also reduces green waste such as lawn clippings
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If you are a regular golf player, then you no longer have to worry about not able to play during winters as these artificial turfs provide you with the ideal platform to play your favorite game throughout the year.

Ways to Conserve Water in Golf Courses

Now coming to the most important part i.e. water conservation. You might wonder how golf courses can help to conserve water. Installing rainwater harvesters can help to conserve water during rainy seasons. This water can then be used to water grass or plants.

Secondly, drought resistant plants can be planted in golf courses. Change in irrigation methods can also help to contribute to conserve water in the long run. It is also crucial to look into the existing irrigation system and fix leaks or issues.

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Golf courses can also find ways and means to monitor the evapotranspiration (ET) rate. Transpiration is the process in which plants remove moisture which in turns changes to vapor and released into the air. The lower the ET rates the better chances at water conservation.

Using the right weather monitoring tools to determine when the monsoons will commence in order to avoid watering the golf courses.


Water is a precious resource and we cannot afford to lose it. Using artificial turfs can prove to be beneficial in the long run and can also help to save loads of money on water bills.

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