Take a Walking Tour in Mumbai

Walking tours are some of the most fun experiences that you can have in the city. Mumbai has so many hidden gems spread across the region. It takes a true traveller to explore everything that Mumbai has, but everyone can enjoy a simple walking tour or two.

Many of the top restaurants in Mumbai are included in a myriad of tours. The foodie tours are amazing to check out in Mumbai, especially around Bandra, Colaba and Dadar. You’re going to fall in love with the authentic trails in the city roads.

You can get hands-on with a guide

If you’re in the city for the first time, you can get all the cool knowledge that you can’t find anywhere. The guide can talk about the historical context of the city and explain all the ins and outs of the city.

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You can also ask the guide about the best places to eat and relax in, as they understand local culture better than anyone. It’s also a great way to learn something new and interact with fellow travellers.

Opting for a premium walking tour

Many of the top five star hotels in Mumbai, like The LaLiT Mumbai, offer a premium walking tour across the city. They tie up with illustrious tour companies to give guests a relaxed walk-about near important locations.

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They cater more towards experiences and emotion rather than just the walk. These premium tours also offer a unique perspective of the city, which are unlike any other when it comes to Mumbai.

Iconic moments captured in the trip

Mumbai has an iconic vibe to it, from its food to its people. Everything has a unique backstory to it and a history to why it is the way it is. That’s why people love going on walking tours in Mumbai. From the iconic Leopold Café to Mount Mary Church, there is a lot of history and legacy behind these places.

You’re also going to run into the local people and pick up souvenirs to mark the moments of the city’s history. Trying out the regional cuisines is also a transformational experience in of itself.

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Scenic locations for picturesque views

Some of the top walking tours in Mumbai show you some of the most gorgeous scenery in the city. Whether that be the mural rich inroads of Hill road, or the British era buildings of Churchgate, every point is a picture moment.

Lovers of Instagram moments will cherish these walks, making them the perfect way to spend a Sunday outing. For travellers that want to get to know the city better, these walks are incredibly informative and scenic.

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