Tea Set Styles Around The World

Tea Set Styles Around The World

Tea sets make for a quaint addition to a home dining set. They are not only popular to households that consume the beverage, but also to those who love collecting antiques and artwork. This is also why tea sets make for a great gifting item. The factors governing the choice of a tea set are entirely dependent on a person’s needs, desires and tastes.

Some people may want to serve tea in different styles of tea sets to give the tea time experience a lift and rejuvenation. Again, some may simply want to ensure the tea set chosen personifies his/ her tastes; for instance, elegantly designed chinaware for those who choose to portray sheer elegance or rustic stoneware for those who seek durability. Some may even want to buy a specific style of tea set only for the sake of adding to his/ her collection of artwork without any liking for the beverage.

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Irrespective of the factors governing the choice of a tea set, buyers should be aware of the different styles of tea sets that are available, where they originate from and what was the thought behind the unique design.

Tea Set Styles

Tea Sets trace its origin to China, where it grew to become a significant lifestyle by the 10th century A.D. long before the world even knew about the existence of the beverage. Over time, however, different countries observed and embraced drinking tea, which eventually lead to the birth of different tea styles across the world.



Chinese lead the tea set industry with their fine porcelain cups and tea pots with intricate detailing and immaculate coloring. As opposed to the European tea set styles, the Chinese tea sets are lighter, smaller and delicate.

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Tea Set Styles Around The World

It began with the Dutch which made tea drinking into popular social activity and a large market. Owing to their preference of drinking tea outside their tea set styles are usually made to deliver. Larger in size to contain more and round bottomed to keep the beverage warm, the Dutch tea set style is more rustic and less delicate.

While the Dutch may have brought the craze of drinking tea in Europe first, the English played a major role of making it a leisure time activity. They were found to be drinking tea quite a number of times throughout the day, therefore making their tea set styles durable and long lasting.

Flat round bottoms, fluted body and flowery designs are what typically characterizes an English tea set.

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Tea Set Styles Around The World

The love of tea in Russia immediately follows that of the English. Sleek rounded curves, crossed hashed sweeping patterns; thick, large and robust is typical of a Russian tea set style. They were also among the first to make tea sets of silver and gold.

North America:

Tea Set Styles Around The World

The modern tea set designs are mostly of US and Canadian craftsmanship. Although America had no distinctive tea set design, the majority of the latest contemporary tea sets styles flooding the market are of American make.

So which tea set design are you influenced by? What influences your choice of tea style shopping? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

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