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The internet is the future. The future is here. When Tim Berbers Lee founded the World Wide Web consortium (W3C), I am sure he didn’t know it will grow to be where it is today. The World Wide Web and the internet for that matter have become a necessity in the world we are in today. The world cannot function without the internet. Young men and women are developing software and free android apps that make it simpler and more fun to use the internet. But the effort of these working men and women are turning into dishearten and disappointed scenario. As after some time these startup get pirated as like a big startup like autocad, Today millions of platforms are providing working autodesk autocad crack tool. So it’s a question for all these startups. Well this in not right topic to discuss here. Let come on the concerned track, actually in 2014, there were a few business start-ups utilizing the internet and making it big. We have captured 4 of them in our discussion; here are four start-ups that have shaped 2014 and looking for 2015 and coming future.

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Nothing is as blessing as connecting to an open fast Wi-Fi network. But open Wi-Fi networks are not easy to come by with everyone protecting their Wi-Fi with passwords. Giving out your Wi-Fi password to visiting friends and family may also feel awkward. But a Swedish start-up Insta Bridge makes password sharing easy and fun. Instabridge’s has an Android application that lets Facebook friends share Wi-Fi networks. The app utilizes the Facebook authentication tool to login to Facebook and invite friends to use your network. When you first use the App, you must type your Wi-Fi password which is encrypted and stored in InstaBridge servers. When a friend with the app installed comes within your Wi-Fi range, the app will download the encrypted credentials of your Wi-Fi to your friend’s phone without revealing your password. Once they move out of range, the credentials are deleted from their phone.


Getting a coat of paint may be stressful than you think. Whether it is office or home you want to paint, getting a new coat may be more colourful than you’d have wanted. Who are the painters? Are they even reliable? Maybe they won’t show up in the first place? Will it be ready in time? What is the quality of their paint? But behold, paintzen, an e-commerce start-up that will make getting your house painted as easy as tying your shoelace. Paintzen takes care of every nitty-gritty aspect of a paint job; Quality of paint, insurance tax, colour consultation, tip, etc. Paintzen vets the painters buys the paint, charges for labour and insurance and gives you one single quote. They specialize in assembling a local professional team to get your colour done in the shortest time possible. To date, Paintzen has painted 1,600,000 square feet in over 4,000 New York City rooms alone.

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Pin Drop

Our life is described by our activities, our stories. Life is all about going out and exploring, experiencing and creating a lasting impression. There’s a new start-up app taking exploring to a new higher level. Pin Drop is a new iOS and Android application that lets people sign-in, sign-out and bookmark sites that matter to them and share them with friends. Users bookmark their favourite places using pins that can be assigned to different locations. But this is no foursquare or any other map application. All the pins are private by default unless the user decides to share them. Pin Drop is one application that will give Foursquare a run for its money!

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The biggest worry in most modern internet users is security. Most users want to conduct their online business without leaving footprints of their internet works. Browser history has become as sensitive and private as medical records. Smart inventors are doing everything to make internet users feel safe. One start-up app means business when online privacy is concerned. VPNWISE is a Smart DNSthat allows users to unlock hundreds of video and music streaming sites, social websites and other websites that are usually blocked by ISPs. This great software takes privacy very seriously. When registering an account, the guys at VPNWISE will not demand your personal information. VPNWISE provides encryption and sends web traffic anonymously from your computer to the web through a gateway server of your choice thereby ensuring maximum privacy. This is one internet app that every web user should try.

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