The 8 Best Free Apps For Tablets

Tablets often fill a different niche than smartphones, and great apps for phones aren’t always great apps for tablets. The tablet is the best useful gadget because it offers larger screens than smartphones, and users have more advantages for mobile operations like viewing large pages in a single display without scrolling long. Talk about daunting. To get you started, here are 8 absolute must-have apps.


Yelp allows you, To find the best places to eat, drink, play, shop, relax, etc. Use the geolocation tool to find the nearest shops and services and filter them by neighborhood, distance, price and time. You can also enjoy the view of the Yelp community of users and add your own comments and photos.

WebRoot Secure Anywhere

The Android platform is vulnerable to viruses and security threats. To keep yourself safe, grab WebRoot’s Secure Anywhere app. It automatically scans your device and downloads, does real-time scanning, and gives warning of harmful websites.

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The famous music listening service is the demand for continuous reading, Deezer, invites on the shelves to ensure hours of non-stop music. Listen to artists, titles, albums and create favorites or change your playlists with a catalog of 25 million tracks diverse and varied. Discover more than thirty thematic radios without limits and intelligent Smart radio that adapts its contents to your musical tastes.

Kingsoft Office Free

Kingsoft Office Free allows to create, view and edit Microsoft Office documents – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – and Kingsoft on your tablet or phone. You can share your files with a few clicks by email or by using the cloud (via services, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Kingsoft Office Free has a nice simple interface. In addition, a desktop Widget allows quick access to preview your documents and editing capabilities.


Centralize and check out all the books available in the Kindle Store Amazon from your tablet with the Kindle app. The latter provides access to over 1.2 million free and paid ebooks as well as newspapers and magazines from all backgrounds. Ebooks provide a categorization for easy reference (News, art, comics, food, dictionary, history and more). Newspapers and magazines for their sorted by popularity, price, user rating or date of publication.

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Little Photo

Shoot photos and turn them with this application. Little Photo offers over 70 effects and editing tools. We find standard effects such as Lomo or White and Black but also more original filters like Vintage, Disco, Fire, Bad Day, etc. Each filter can be applied alone or combined with others to create a unique style. Finally, Little Photo integrates basic editing tools: cropping, rotation, distortion, adding text and context, etc.

Plants vs Zombies

The adventure game, action and strategy Plants vs. Zombies 2 is full of surprises. New zombies are emerging as the undead of ancient Egypt, the Wild West or under the seas look very definitely “pirate”. Push them to your home by building natural defenses herbal planted and maintained by you suddenly fertilizer and a good dose of sunshine. Finally, face various waves of zombies with your talent strategist and essential to unlock throughout the game and bonus stars to win throughout your journey.

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By installing Evernote on your tablet, you’ll be sure to never forget anything! This application allows you to access all your data permanently on all of your devices: tablet and smart phone. Create personalized notes with images, audio files and websites and share them with friends and colleagues via Facebook or Twitter. Evernote also proposes to record voice memos, save entire web pages and make screenshots to keep absolutely everything that interests you.

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