The Amazing Benefits and Effects Of Limestone

Limestone refer to a sedimentary rock that is made of calcium carbonate. There are many reasons why people prefer using this stone in their pavements. In fact, most builders advise homeowners to use limestone instead using slate or concrete pavers. As a naturally occurring mineral, limestone has several effects and benefits.


Effects of limestone include differentiating outdoor spaces as well as creating unique walkways and patios. This material is strong and it is available in different colors. When used in pavers, it allows homeowners to choose from different shapes and sizes.

When limestone gets into water, it creates cloudiness due to the suspension of limestone particles in water. This reduces water clarity. Additionally, plants life can be increased if limestone gets mixed into water.

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There are many benefits of installing limestone from Meteorstone limestone pavers perth. They include:


Limestone panels are lightweight and this is the reason why they are preferred by most architects. Limestone installation time and cost is less according to solid stones. They have low back-up framing and structural requirements. Transferring limestone is easy. This reduces fuel costs because limestone does not weigh down the transporting vehicle.

Soils and Water Protection

When limestone dissolves in water and it helps in preventing sudden pH changes in soil and water bodies such as ponds. So, if you install limestone pavers in your home they will serve an extra purpose of protecting your soil and water bodies. This will make your lawn grow vigorously because limestone will add calcium into the soil while lowering acid levels in the soil. Aquatic life will also get benefit by installing limestone pavements in your home.

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Limestone can withstand any effect of winter. It can retain its great and natural look even if ice and snowfall is a common thing in the area you live. Chemicals that are used in melting ice or snow will not affect it. The strength is the reason why most builders suggest its use around patio edges.


Limestone pavers are available in various colors that include light tan, soft green and pale fray. This allows homeowners to mix and match different colors to create their walkways. This implies that using limestone will allow you to create a customized pavement in your home. Thus, if you want an ideal stone cladding material for your home, you should consider limestone. It is best for your home paving.

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Non-toxic Effects

Apart from lowering acidity in soils and water, limestone also reduce the effect of poisonous or toxic metals. These metals include zinc, nickel, cadmium and lead which can endanger human health and aquatic life. Liming, which is an addition of limestone to water boosts aquatic life because it neutralizes such elements in water.

Generally, there are many benefits of limestone over other stones. Limestone panels or pavers are easy to produce. They can also be installed around the places such as swimming pool and patios. They are relatively cheap and easily available.

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