The Benefits Of Being Smart About Sunshine

With some parts of the UK experiencing the coldest temperatures for this time of year in many decades, it hasn’t been the best of summers. While some people find the lack of good weather little more than frustrating, for others it can lead to far more serious issues.

In the UK the climate doesn’t always provide a sufficient level of sunshine to ensure good health. The problem is most acute during the winter, but the lack of a good summer has only exacerbated concerns. Some authorities believe the problem is now so serious that people should take supplements of vitamin D ‒ a vital component of health usually created by the action of sunshine on the skin ‒ to ensure they don’t suffer from conditions such as rickets or brittle bones.

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The lack of sunshine in the UK can also lead to problems for those who choose to holiday abroad but neglect to adequately protect themselves due to their desire for a deep suntan. Although most people are aware of the dangers posed by excessive exposure, a worrying trend has emerged among some young people who are deliberately allowing themselves to get sunburned to create patterns on their skin, creating so-called ‘sunburn art’.

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If you want to take the best possible care of your skin, avoid excessive sun and keep an eye on moles and blemishes to ensure they do not change shape or colour, which can be a sign of more serious problems. The vast majority of moles are totally benign, however, and can be removed to improve your appearance or boost your self-esteem and confidence. London is a leading centre for UK mole removal and it is easy to find experienced and skilful dermatologists who are able to perform a simple procedure under local anaesthetic in around 20 minutes.

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Opting for treatment at a specialist centre such as the London cosmetic clinic offering mole removal in London means you are dealing with experts in their field, ensuring the best possible results.

Once your skin is blemish free, ensuring you always get just the right amount of sunshine to ensure your health and vitality but never enough to cause it any damage is the best way to stay looking as young as possible for many years to come.

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