Things To Consider When Getting A Mole Removed

Some people are more likely to have moles than others. They can also appear at different stages of your life or after being out in the sun.

You are more likely to get moles or beauty marks in early childhood or before you are 30 years old. Some may disappear while others may darken after exposure to the sun, when you are a teenager or when you are pregnant.

Keep an Eye on Moles

Everyday Health advises people to check their skin regularly and says: “Examine your skin regularly, looking for any new skin moles as well as changes in the moles you already have.”

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If a mole changes in appearance or starts to bleed, it is best to get it checked by a doctor or dermatologist in case it is cancerous. If it is, you can have it removed by the NHS.

However, many moles are not cancerous, but you may still want them removed for cosmetic reasons or because they irritate you. Some people are embarrassed or feel self-conscious about moles on their face or large moles on their body, such as on their legs or back. This can affect their lives as they try to cover their blemishes.

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In these cases, you will probably have to pay a private clinic for treatment, according to the NHS website.

The NHS says: “There is an increasing prevalence of skin cancers and so innocent (benign) moles are rarely removed on the NHS unless it becomes necessary to do so.”

Mole Removal is Quick and Painless

Your GP or dermatologist may recommend a clinic to remove your mole. The removal is a simple procedure which is quick, painless and carried out under local anaesthetic. There are various methods of mole removal and the specialist will examine you to find the best solution.

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After surgery, there may be some scarring but this will be less noticeable than the wart. You will also have to take care to keep the area clean while it heals.

If you are worried about a mole or want one removed for cosmetic reasons, you will need to find a specialist UK mole removal clinic. The London Cosmetic Clinic has cosmetic dermatologists who can examine you and advise you.

Most moles are harmless but you should consult a doctor if you are worried.

Things To Consider When Getting A Mole Removed

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