Things To Look For When Choosing A Recruitment Consultant

Things To Look For When Choosing A Recruitment Consultant

There comes a time when all businesses, no matter what their size is, will need to use a recruitment consultant. Whether it’s to fill an important senior management position, or to supply extra entry-level staff during a particularly busy period, most of you will have at some point had to start browsing recruitment consultants in order to find candidates for a job opening.

So how do you find the Right Recruitment Consultant?

It isn’t always an easy job. And this is because, rather than recruitment agencies being scarce, there are actually thousands of them, which actually makes it really difficult to find one that suits your business. Many of them use really hard sales techniques to try and win your business, which can be quite scary when you’ve never hired a recruitment consultant before.

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Here are things to look for when you are Choosing a Recruitment Consultant:

Don’t Fall for Flattery, Fall for Honesty

You will meet consultants that absolutely shower you with gifts and flattery in order to win your business. You mustn’t fall for this! They will bring gifts into your place of work and call you to have a very friendly and informal chat, all to make you believe they are the right consultant for you. You must simply ignore this and never see it as charm, because it isn’t, it’s just sales. Look for true honesty in a recruitment consultant. Someone who tells you truly what they have to offer and how they are going to offer it to you. If you face resistance, then move on. You don’t have time to deal with hard sales when all you’re seeking is some honesty.

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Ensure they not Only understand the Candidates you Want, but the Candidates you Need

A really excellent recruitment consultant will go the extra mile to understand your company culture. So rather than simply understanding that you need a new sales manager, they will also understand that the sales manager perfect for you will fit into your company culture. IE; a company that has a diverse and friendly atmosphere, with an approach to soft skills based sales will not match a hard sales enthusiast who likes to squeeze a sale out of a customer. So you should expect questions relating to the kind of company you are and how you approach the job role. An excellent recruitment consultant understands the kind of candidate you need in your business.

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 Check the Recruitment Agency Ethics

Unfortunately recruitment agencies have a bad reputation for treating candidates badly. This is not something you or your business will want to be associated with so you need to get a really clear understanding of the recruitment agencies ethics. What type of contract do they present the candidate with? How much leeway does the candidate get in the way of payment? Check the company ethics to ensure they match yours.

Remember, it’s easy to find a recruitment consultant but it’s not always easy to find the right recruitment consultant. Take your time and stick with your gut instinct. This is a big decision as you will be working closely with this person. They need to be a good match.

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