Timber Decking – An Extensive Form Of Wooden Decking

timber decking melbourne

A Finest Option for Hottest Climate

Wooden decking is the most preferred mode of decking. It is used for flooring the services and designing the landscapes or restaurants, houses, gardens, pools etc. You might have seen use of wooden decking in various hotels and restaurants of hill stations following cottage building structures. Durability of timber decking totally depends upon its design, structure, quality of wood selected and its composition as well. Apart from wood, plastic is also used for decking.

Types of Timber Decking:

Thus on the basis of composition; timber decking can be classified as under –

  • Pure Wooden Decking – It may be defined as the decking purely made up of wood after pressure treatment. Commonly used wood are cedar, red wood, tropical hard woods, etc. It is most preferred form of decking than other plastic decking best suited for extra hot days.
  • Composite Decking – This decking is made up of partly made up of wood and partly made up of plastic after gone through recycling process. It is very dense and heavily weighted.
  • Pure Plastic Decking – This form of decking consists of pure plastic, may or may not be recycled. It is quite expensive but may have few of its benefits like being stain resistant and do not bear the risk of cracking, warping etc.
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Among all these forms of decking, wooden decking is considered best in many ways. As wooden decking s easy to maintained and is cost effective.  But the other side it has some disadvantages of being warp and risk of decay. Wood ply mostly carry the risk of deterioration by ducts with them. It must be assured that wood should be purchased from the company authorized by FSC (Forest stewardship Council) and not from any illegal supplier.

Why do People Use Timber Decking Instead of Plastic Decking?

The biggest reason for using timber decking by most of people is that in comparison to plastic decking, these work very good at hottest climate. Plastic deck holds heat on its surface making it too hot. Thus in hot climate it is not possible for one to walk to walk on surface of plastic decking with naked feet. During invention of plastic decking it has not been thought of. Thus a place where climate is too hot, wooden decking is used for flooring.

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Demerit of Plastic Decking:

Another demerit of using plastic decking is that it needs enough maintenance at least twice annually to prevent it from fading. When plastic comes to exposure of direct sunlight it fades away. Plastic may also involve the risk of spots of moulds. The cost of wooden decking is very less in comparison of plastic decking; almost being half. One of the reasons for high cost of plastic decking is that it needs a good support to prevent from shrinking which raises its cost tremendously. Well it may also have some merits like it does not cracks or warps and solid enough in comparison of wood.

Timber decking is one of the best option for wooden decking.it gives very natural look in landscaping and can be left raw, no need of coloring. It helps in drainage. It also provides extra hardness and is durable for long. Timber can be used for indoor as well as for outdoor decking. Timbers cut in Ques-nay Forest District require an agreement with reference to sec 12 of forest act in the form of license providing ownership. Notification of decked timber is issued within 1 month to Ministry of Forest range and scaling section by the agreement holders of Ques-nay Forest District. Notification for the decked timber includes some of the things like date of cutting, time of transportation, volume of timer (approx), exact location of timber, license of Forest and reason for decking. Notification can be send in written or via email to supervisor. After notification being issued, next step is taken by Ministry of Forests and ranges for the issuance of order in written to conduct scaling to the agreement holder.

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This blog has been written for reader to provide some information about timber decking Melbourne. If you want to know more then let’s have a look to get more information.

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