Tips To Choose The Right Garage Cabinet For Your Needs

Garage cabinets can do wonders for turning a pile of junk back into useful belongings that you can access when necessary. They will help you get clutter off the floor, make room for cars, and get rid of booby traps that occur when items end up in unstable piles littered around the floor.

But before you get too excited and ambitious, you will want to take some time to do some planning, not only to figure out where your cabinets will go but also the size, shape, type, and material that will be best for you.

For most families and homeowners, the garage is more than just a place to put their car. Before selecting cabinets that will meet your needs, you will have to establish exactly what those needs are by doing an inventory of not only the items in your garage, but also items stored in other places like the attic or basement or tucked into the back of closets.

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Organizing your garage is a great opportunity to clear all of the junk from your home and put the items you need into safe and effective storage that will make them easier to find. Once you have your list, organize it by type and purpose of your items and decide how much space each grouping will take up. Pay attention to how heavy each item is as that will change your storage options.

Some families prefer a more utilitarian style in the garage while others would like the space to be just as inviting, comfortable, and fashionable as the rest of the house. What style of cabinets you choose will be based largely on your personal preference, but it’s important not to select cabinetry that is meant solely for indoor use as the environment in your garage is very different to that of your house.

Cabinetry in the garage will be exposed to outside elements every time the garage door opens, and rain and snow will make the garage damp. The materials you select for your cabinets will need to be compatible with this harsh environment.

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The most common materials for garage cabinetry are plastic or resin, metal, and wood based, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic or resin:

A good choice for humid or damp environments, plastic or resin cabinets will not rot or corrode and are easily cleaned. They are not very expensive and are immune to environmental challenges that may affect other types of cabinetry. Unfortunately they will not have as high of a load capacity as other materials and may not be suitable for heavy items.


Usually made of aluminum or steel, metal cabinets can also sometimes be made of stainless steel. These cabinets offer rigidity and strength and, although aluminum is somewhat lighter than steel, can be fairly heavy.

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They can be painted or powder coated for a nice finished appearance, but are often more expensive. They are also susceptible to corrosion in areas that are not protected from moisture or corrosive chemicals.

Wood based:

Typically made of engineered woods such as particle board or MDF, many wood based cabinets will have outer shells made from a laminate melamine material. Those without this skin can be painted or stained, but will be susceptible to moisture. Wood based cabinets are also heavier than other materials and should never sit directly on the floor as they are highly susceptible to water and snow runoff.

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