Tips To Select A Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

Tips To Select A Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

Wedding bands are made of common metals such as silver, titanium, platinum and gold. However, the fact is that many people are opting for tungsten made wedding rings these days. If you have recently attended a wedding ceremony, it will not be a strange thing if you find the couple wearing the wedding rings made of tungsten.

Tungsten is a kind of metal, which is widely known for its durability and intense weight, as the metal is harder than steel and titanium. Moreover, the metal is now being largely used to make wedding rings because a polished wedding band of tungsten is durable, scratch resistant and holds its shine for long time. In this article, we will talk about why people are so crazy to have a tungsten wedding ring for the special occasion.

  • It Remains Shiny Over a Long Period

Tungsten is scratch resistant and has capability to maintain its shine over a long period. One of the most noteworthy features of tungsten is you cannot harm its surface by any kind of scratch because the metal is too hard and you can only put your mark on it if you use tools as hard as diamond.

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You will definitely be fascinated, if you have to collect two tungsten wedding rings for your wedding. However, at the same time, you have to be a bit careful while buying the product. Before buying the product, you have to make few important decisions.

  • Decisions You Have to Make Before Buying the Wedding Ring

Before ordering the product, you have to be sure that you know the right measurement of the finger of your bride because the width of the women wedding ring is ranging from 4mm to 6mm.  Whenyou consider a man’s case, it will be typically 6mm to 8mm.

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Before purchasing your wedding ring, you should recognize the fact that tungsten is a heavy metal and your wedding rings will be thicker too.  Therefore, you have to decide whether you or your ‘would be wife’ would like to carry a heavy ring on the finger or not. To determine the size and weight of the ring, you have to talk with suppliers or with any customer care executive, so that you can get the perfect tungsten wedding bands. If you have time, then ordering the product according to the size of the finger of you and your would be wife a bit early from your wedding date can be the best option because this will allow the manufacturer to make those bands perfect. To learn more about it, read 2015 guide on men’s tungsten wedding rings.

Tips To Select A Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

  • Variety of Tungsten Wedding Bands
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If you go out for some market research, then you will find huge variety of tungsten wedding bands. However, the most common designs that can easily draw your attention are the dome, faceted, concave and inlaid. While choosing a suitable one from them, you should go for a simple model but elegant one so that everyone loves it.

  • Always Go for the Pure Tungsten Wedding Ring

Many jewelers claim that tungsten wedding bands available in their shops are bonded with nickel. However, the fact is, most of them offer wedding bands that are combined with cobalt that causes skin complications. Moreover, rings made with cobalt have low resistant power against scratches and lose shine in unfavorable weather condition.

However, the easiest way to find cobalt in your wedding ring is in the price tag because cobalt mixed wedding rings cost less than original tungsten wedding rings.

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