Even Cheap Women’s Trainers Can Keep A Woman From Getting An Injury

While running strengthens the lungs and increases a woman’s metabolism so she can lose and maintain her weight, it can also cause injury, particularly if you don’t choose to wear well-made cheap women’s trainers, or quality athletic shoes that are affordable.

Making Shoes More Comfortable

The idea of lessening the impact of running on the feet and shins began in the decade of the 60s. From the research of running shoe scientists, women’s and men’s running shoes began to take on a whole new “space age” look, one which featured wedges and breathable yet durable synthetic designs. Comfort was made a priority, all which extended to creating running shoes that were not primarily styled for a runners or joggers but for walkers too.

Walking to Work

After all, when you think about a comfort shoe for women, you often think about a trainer or women’s athletic shoe. During the 90s, office workers, formally attired, often wore running shoes and spent a lot of money in the process. During that period, as much as $645 million was spent on 15 million pairs of running footwear. Experts suggest that most of the shoes were designed for comfort walking versus running.

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Running Shoes Today

Running shoes for women today can be made from a combination of fabrics and materials. The sole itself is designed with three layers, each which comprise an insole, midsole and an outer sole. The insole is made of a very thin layer of ethylene vinyl acetate, abbreviated and known as EVA.

The components used in the midsole, which supplies a major part of cushioning, can differ among brands and manufacturers. Usually, this part of the shoe is made of polyurethane which is surrounded by gel or polyurethane foam, which is known by a special brand name by the shoe company. In some instances, polyurethane can surround capsulised compressed air. Outer soles are generally manufactured with a carbon rubber – which can be hard or a blown rubber that is softer.

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The rest of the covering for the women’s athletic shoe or trainer is typically made up of and synthetic, such as a nylon wave or an artificial suede. Some shoe manufacturers add a leather nylon overlay with attachments that are made of leather. The cloth that is added to the shoe is generally limited to the laces that run through plastic eyelets. Nails in the shoes have been supplanted by a cement adhesive which acts as a bonding agent for the shoe’s components.

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During the last 15 years, the women’s running shoe or trainer has changed drastically in looks and functioning. Shoes are available in a variety of styles and colours, all which concentrate on the movement of the foot and its anatomy. With the use of computers and video cameras, shoe manufacturers analyse such factors as the movement of the limbs and the effect that various terrains have on foot position and impact.

Runners may be tagged as pronators if their feet tend to roll inward when running or supinators if the feet tend to roll on the outside. Pressure points, the force of impact and friction patterns are all fed into computers to determine the design of prototype shoes.

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