To-Do List for a Perfect Wedding in the Capital

Where does the country love to host its weddings? The answer is Delhi. The capital city has so much to offer in terms of venues, celebratory styles and cuisines. Everyone loves to dine on traditional North Indian food, and Delhi is the place to be for a good night out. There are multiple clubs, hotels and bars for after-parties, and luxury accommodations to go around. Some of the best wedding hotels in Delhi, including The LaLiT New Delhi, offer a grand scale approach that’s typical to Delhi weddings.

Booking the right venue

The number one component of having a perfect wedding is the venue. The venue should look amazing, and something that’s straight out of a Bollywood movie. You don’t want to have any speck of dirt, doubt or distaste. The quintessential Capital wedding requires that the venue be of high class and calibre. You should also focus on how well the service staff behaves, and how you feel when you enter the space. First impressions are key when it comes to wedding hotels, as the city has some incredible luxurious options. You also want to book the right venue in terms of location. You shouldn’t pick one that’s near the outskirts of the city, if you’re expecting hundreds of people to attend.

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Food, drinks and starters

Many good restaurants in Cp serve as wedding caterers as well. Hotels that have access to quality dining are preferred as well. You should take a food tour around the city to figure out which food options work out best. Some restaurants might have better biryani, while others may have tastier butter chicken. It’s up to you, as to how much research you can perform prior to the wedding. You should also look at drinks and ensure that there are no restrictions in alcohol. You can start to collect bottles (duty-free) and store them in your home-bar. You can also ask your friends and family members to participate in this exercise and bring home some exotic alcohol options as well.

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Style and theme of the wedding

Every great wedding starts from a great story. That story should reflect in the theme of the wedding. You should have your venue lit up and decorated to showcase how you feel. There should be no compromises in this department. Your wedding should look to be a grand one, especially since you’re inviting Delhi’s best. Venue and food are important, but the wedding is incomplete without a grand theme for it. Whether that’s an “enchanted forest theme” or a “royal wedding theme”, your wedding should reflect that instantly. Guests should pick it up as soon as they enter the venue.

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