Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Taking care of your body and skin is becoming increasingly popular and present all over the world and with a variety of people, disregarding of their age and social positions. However, when genetics, dieting regime and hard work in the gym fail, you can always rely on surgeons and their expertise in the field of cosmetic interventions. While most people think that only women undergo cosmetic procedures, this could not be further from the truth – understanding that men’s skin is also special and in need of slight modifications, a number of cosmetic surgeons offer treatment for men as well. Therefore, here are top five procedures that are typically done by men.


If you desire a more attractive facial look, this is a solution you should look into. All imperfections that appear due to age or stress can be dealt with in a couple of quick treatments and you can look much better and feel rejuvenated.

Injectable fillers are inserted into your skin and they basically fill the folds with material that gives your skin a fuller look and minimizes the lines visible on your face. For a man, they are most obvious under the eyes and between the nose and the corner of the mouth, so unless you want to sport a moustache, you can handle this issue with fillers. They generally last for about a year, so you do not have to undergo the treatment often. Finally, the pain is noticeable, but not too excruciating.

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Anti-wrinkle Injections

Another popular solution most widely spread in the world of the rich and the famous and most commonly recognized as Botox, these anti-wrinkle injections can do wonders for your face. Since it can only be obtained on a prescription, it is more than important to consult a professional surgeon or dermatologist and get their opinion. Also, make sure that your treatment is done in a sterile and safe environment, in a hospital or a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Due to a unique combination of reasonable price, longevity and non-existing pain, Botox is present all around the world and you can undergo this type of cosmetic surgery anywhere from Perth to Stockholm and in between, with the similar results.


After a certain age, it is hard to get into shape and regain the body you used to have ten or twenty years ago. This is why some men prefer going to a liposuction treatment instead of committing themselves to a dieting regime and intense workout sessions. This procedure removes fat from your body – mostly abdomen, but arms and legs are also treated – leaving you with much less weight. Since it can be risky and is sometimes performed under general anesthesia, it should be done by experts who have experience in diagnosing your symptoms and figuring out how much fat should be removed. The post-operative process is often painful, but patients who undergo liposuction are generally satisfied with the results.

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Tattoo Removal

This is the most common procedure done by men – not only because they are the ones who have more tattoos, but because they seem to regret having them done in the first place. While this option was not available a couple of decades ago, now it is among the most common and popular cosmetic treatments. Since laser technology is constantly being developed, tattoos can be removed rather easily and quickly, depending on the size and intricacy of the design. With the treatments ranging from a couple of sitting to up to a dozen, this choice can get a bit pricy, but it is worth it.

Male Chest Reduction

Professionally known as gynecomastia treatment, male chest reduction is asked for by men who have a problem with their appearance and think that excessive fat collected in this area makes them look bad. Also, as some of them do not feel masculine enough due to this problem, this is one of the treatments specialized for men. It is quite similar to liposuction, but is more specialized and aimed at a specific problem area. Sometimes, this treatment is the first step in someone’s regaining of self-esteem and confidence to change their lives, so it has a psychological benefit as well. 

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In Conclusion

A number of more invasive and complicated procedures are popular in the world of men, so it does not surprise that more and more of them can be seen at an office of a cosmetic surgeon. With the world of male modeling now being as popular and wide-spread as its female counterpart, modern men just want to be as attractive as possible and closer to the ideal of male beauty. Of course, there are different wishes and preferences, so some might want a stronger jawline or a straighter nose, while the other just want some fat taken off. The choices are numerous and this line of cosmetic surgery is gaining more and more attraction.

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