Trunnion or Slide Shoe: Which Are Better Ball Mill Bearings

Ball Mill offers steady and smooth grinding of various materials including cement, iron ore, coal, and limestone. No matter if the cement is wet or dry, they manage grinding it effectively. The user can select Ball Mill bearings by the quality of the product, type of raw material, site, and several other factors.

Trunnion bearing and Slide Shoe bearing are two main classifications of Ball Mill bearing, and while making a choice between these two, you should refer to these following points:

1. If a person is looking for a higher load machine where the surface area is restricted, Trunnion Bearings works the best. However, in the case of self-aligning and compressive loads, Slide Shoe Bearings are the best-suited ball mill bearings.

2. Trunnion Ball Mill Bearings are widely used in many industries due to their popularity owing from usage for decades, but when it comes to cement grinding industries, Slide Shoe bearing ball mill is preferred because of its longer retention time.

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3. Having the latest self-aligning properties and compressive strength capabilities, slide shoe bearing finds application in many industries over Trunnion Bearings, which are traditionally designed with manual properties.

4. When a person is looking for high-end technology and automation services, undoubtedly slide shoe ball mill bearings are preferred. But if a person is asking for mill ball bearings for reduced diameter and areas coming under a suitable price, nothing is better than Trunnion ball mill bearings.

5. The best way to make the ball mill bearings work, may it be Trunnion or Slide Shoe, is to keep on lubricating and spilling oil on them from time to time. In case the bearings go dry, the chances of machine loss and losing efficiency increase, which in turn affects the working and output.

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6. No matter which industry you’re working or what quality of equipment you’re using, every machinery has its downtime in which it becomes nearly impossible to work with. The industries with slide shoe bearings installed have a benefit of less downtime, whereas, in the industries with Trunnion ball mill bearings, downtime is more. This is because the entire weight of the mill is supported by the bearings.

7. In the case of Trunnion Ball Bearings, a proper maintenance procedure must regularly be followed, but when it comes to Slide Shoe Ball Bearing, there is no need of any maintenance, but it is necessary to keep a sincere check on the oil supply, its cooling, and filtration.

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8. As far as cost is concerned, Trunnion bearings have been in use for decades, are traditional in nature, and come in nominal range. But slide shoe bearings are slightly expensive. Slide shoe bearings are expensive but still can be bought without any tension.

To conclude, for those who are involved in grinding, regrinding and cementing industries, it is important to understand the importance of machines, their working, and advantages and then make an investment accordingly. So, go through each and every point and then make a wise decision.

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