Understand The SEO Pricing Models To Determine Internet Marketing Budget

In general, internet marketing and SEO help your business grow rapidly in comparison to other method or medium. Google survey has revealed that businesses using web grow faster than the ones that don’t.

Search engine optimization process helps your business to use the internet more effectively to attain good returns from online investment. This is the main reason why SEO is necessary. Another aspect to be determined is how much to spend on SEO services, but first lets understand their different pricing models.

SEO Service Payment Modes

Hourly rates – Per hour payment, mode is very popular. The SEO consultant is paid a fixed amount per hour. Estimated hours required for SEO activities to be performed are determined in advance and monthly detailed reports about actual hours invested in your project are provided. Hourly rates vary because they depend on various factors like region, company size and more.

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Per project rates – A standard price is agreed for the whole project regardless of time spent. Basically, 30% is paid as upfront and rest in preplanned milestones. This mode is better in projects that need innumerable hours. It is especially preferable for budget planning purposes.

Monthly rates – The best solution for successful SEO campaigns is to agree on monthly rates. The reliable search engine optimization costwill depend on business size and extent of services agreed upon. Small businesses can opt for limited range service package, whereas large organizations can work with full service package.

How much to Invest in SEO Services?

Basically, SEO cost depends on the kind of business, your SEO expectations, current web presence and more. Below are some guidelines to help you determine how much to invest in SEO services.

SEO is an investment and not expenditure – Once you start applying, SEO results will be noticeable in both short and long-term practice.

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What is the profit amount incurred via online presence – An online business need to use SEO services and link it with the monthly profits. It means if more profit is earned allocate more funds against online marketing and SEO. In case you work offline then fixed monthly budget for SEO services is appropriate to handle your internet presence.

Start low and use long term services – To see the optimum results of SEO activities, it takes minimum 6 to 7 months. Remember this fact, when you fix a budget. For example, if your budget allows spending $ 10,000 in a year on SEO then apply it for $ 1000 x 10 months instead of $5000 x 2 months. In brief, start low with long-term services instead of high on short term.

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Few SEO Firms Promises to Watch Out for

There are several SEO agencies, which apply unethical business practices, so beware of promises like –

  • Guarantees
  • Instant results
  • No. 1 position on Google
  • Unbelievable deals or rock bottom prices
  • Underhanded link building services

Things to Bear in Mind

When you go shopping for reliable SEO agency, remember the following points.

  • SEO results are attained from long term relationship
  • SEO changes, so do your ranking (due to algorithm changes)
  • All the SEO firms are not created equally
  • SEO is significant for web presence, so do it
  • Hiring professional SEO is best to attain good ROI

Today businesses do not determine, if they will need SEO services, but decide how much to spend. SEO is not expensive, if high ROI is taken into consideration. What kind of payment mode you apply is personal preference and need.

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