Unexpected Kitchen Countertop Trends

Summary– Some time ago granite appeared like the main go-to material for countertops. Now a days, We’re seeing a shift as more materials are edging their direction onto the radar of homeowners. To know more about unexpected kitchen worktops  trends you may go through the below given article.

There are a few classy different options for granite in case you’re hoping to switch things up in your kitchen.


A well known alternative to granite worktops is quartz. The durable yet in vogue material for your kitchen is an awesome alternative for occupied families. Quartz is greatly hard and strong, settling on it a durable decision. We cherish the reflexive sheen, and we particularly adore how simple to clean quartz can be. It likewise arrives in a scope of hues and doesn’t require fixing or resealing. The drawback? Quartz is substantial, and it isn’t as heat tolerant as some different materials.

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If you haven’t contemplated soapgranite with regards to countertops, right now is an ideal opportunity. We cherish the thought of having a soapgranite countertopfor an assortment of reasons, the principal being the means by which smooth they look and how consistently they function into most kitchen style. Soapgranite countertops are likewise not influenced by acids (vinegar, lemon juice), which implies in the event that you spill, those things won’t recolor like they may a solid countertop. They’re likewise warm safe, and scratches and scratches can be carved away. Nonetheless, soapgranite counters do require support as consistent oiling and buffing. This material is likewise not heat resistant as granite, so it can be vulnerable to discernible scratches.


One countertop that you’re certain to see more of as in today’s scenario is the solid countertop, which is becoming progressively prominent — all things considered. These striking countertops are strong and scratch and heat safe, and you can redo things like shape and composition relying upon the search. A few downsides incorporate the sheer weight of a solid countertop, in addition, they are helpless to recalls and other harm from acids, for example, squeezed orange.

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In the course of recent years, glass countertops have been expanding in prevalence, and we’re not surprised to see them appearing in more homes. They make a present day yet ageless look that works in kitchens of all sizes. Glass counters likewise make an announcement without detracting from the general outline of your space. They are extremely heat safe and don’t stain effectively, also that since they’re nonporous, they have a tendency to be exceptionally hygienic. The drawback to glass is that it can split or chip, in addition to fingerprints are visible — a much more serious issue in the event that you have children.

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Stainless Steel

You likely have or have had a progression of stainless steel machines — why not a countertop, as well? Stainless steel countertops have been making their mark for a variety of reasons, including their ability to oppose both stains and heat. The way that they are nonporous makes them hygienic and simple to clean, yet like glass, they too demonstrate each and every unique finger impression. Stainless steel can likewise be defenseless to dings and scratches.

Lava Stone

One of the more up to date kids on the countertop block, lava granite is gathering what’s coming to its of consideration. We cherish the sleek sheen you can select and the wide variety of hues. Lava granite is additionally nonporous like glass and stainless steel and is practically impenetrable to stains, warm and scratches. But since it’s more up to date, it’s one of the more costly alternatives.

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