Visiting Events In Bangalore To Enjoy Life

There are many tourists and even citizens who are eager to spend their free time or holidays with their family or trying to catch up with the happenings that take place in the city of Bangalore every now and then. Bangalore is well known to host variety of events every now and then to cater to the different requirements, tastes and presences of the people there. Having adequate information on the same can help the person to be better prepared and enjoy every moment of the time spent. It is very much important for the individual to have detailed knowledge on the current Bangalore Events, so that he or she can make the most from it and get thoroughly entertained by it.

Current events in Bangalore where one can get indulged in

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Gerry Martin Project

Wildlife conservatory project was started by Gerry Martin in 2008. He is a popular herpetologist, well known to love nature. He has come up with a project that involves camps and workshops, exclusively for wildlife lovers which are held in scenic greens of Mudumalai and Chikmagalur regions. Children between the age of 9 and 19 can participate in the camps. These are aimed towards instilling love for outdoors combined with having a disciplined approach to nature.


It is an NGO that has a lot to do with wildlife issues and nature conservation in Karnataka. Wildlife events are organized by the NGO on a regular basis in Bangalore. There are also conducted special awareness camps on wildlife for children above age of 10. Such camps could range between a whole weekends to a single day. Forest camps are held on borders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. This camp trains the child basic survival skills when in the jungle and helps them to recognize different types of birds and animals.

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Rainforest Ecology Centre

It is regarded to be an absolute treat especially for young children. This center is said to be headed by Gowri Shankar, the well known herpetologist and is located in the region of Agumbe. This center is said to hold camps for children throughout the year. Such camps also go for a long time like 15 days. The camp theme revolves reptiles. Children through the camp are taught to handle and identify variety of species. However, this option might require to be reconsidered, if the kid is someone who simply cannot stand the sight of a monitor lizard or a snake. But if the parent things that the child is a person who would love at the very thought of walking through nocturnal jungle and enjoying the life there, then this center is the perfect place to be.

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The fact is that wildlife camps can be a wonderful way for educating little minds and to bring them much closer towards nature. These camps are known to charge nominal fees on the entrants. However, the fees paid for the entry is quite reasonable, when compared the amount of knowledge and adventure that the child is likely to have at the end of the day.

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