Wedding Photographers Secrets

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Weddings are a grand celebration of love, family and friendship. Every culture has its own unique style of wedding and each one take us back to our roots. It takes a really creative and highly professional mind behind the lenses to capture the true beauty of weddings. Wedding photographers of today are serving clients who are looking for a modern touch to their wedding shoots but still inducing culture in a very seamless manner. To meet these expectations, photographers have their own little secrets and tricks under their hat. Here are few of them decoded for you, if you are a candid or ametuer photographer.

10 Secrets You Need to Know About Wedding Photographers Secrets

  1. They like their gadgets: If a person is passionate about photography, he will have the choicest of types of equipment he can buy. For a wedding photographer, the cameras, lens, filters, and flash that help take impeccable pictures under different lighting conditions and varied locations top the list.
  2. They like to understand the client’s style: A pre-wedding or a post-wedding shoot is all about bringing out the romantic side of the couple. For a wedding photographer, it is of utmost importance to understand their mindset and their style statement. Quirky, modernistic, traditional, destination-oriented or totally subtle – whatever the couple’s style, so will the photoshoot be.
  3. They love helping the couple: It is a misconception that wedding photographers will rush you through a photoshoot. A professional wedding photographer will always give you enough time to adjust, compose yourself and be fully involved. They appreciate if clients ask for help because the best clicks are possible only when you enjoy the moment.
  4. A blend of style is better than a single dimension: Most of the good wedding photographers agree that following a single style is quite boring. To make each wedding shoot unique, you need to have a well blended style. Thus having a hands-on experience and well rounded knowledge of weddings photography styles is a must.
  5. Clients’ distractions disturb the photographers: Like any other profession, photographers are quite serious and focused on their work. During photo shoots, they command the complete attention of their subjects. The task becomes joyful and effortless when clients cooperate with them. Being busy with their phones or having friends or relative to distract them could be quite disturbing to the photographer.
  6. Photo Booths are quite a hit: Yes, photographers are surprisingly very fond of photo booths while covering wedding ceremonies. Capturing those treasured group photos with family and friends are pretty hard considering that people will be scattered all over the place. A fun and attractive photo booth comes to the rescue of photographers.
  7. They follow a defined post shoot process: Post shoot is as vital as the photo shoot itself. Photographers would appreciate if the clients respected the process and the time it would take to edit, compile and make those pictures and videos flawless. Many clients in their excitement try to hurry up the photographer without realizing that they are not being helpful.
  8. Photo editing is a grueling task: Often clients ask wedding photographers to do certain edits that are highly grueling. With hundreds of photos to edit, photoshopping each one of them is not practical. Clients should be mindful of such requests. Pushing the photographer too far may cause the delay in delivery or hamper the quality of the pictures.
  9. Photography is a seasonal profession: Weddings usually happen during certain months or seasons. That is when wedding photographers are in great demand. An utterly busy season might be followed by a leisure time. So photographers prefer to engage in as much of work as possible during wedding seasons. The income can then sustain them during the months when people usually don’t get married.
  10. Photographers don’t copy from others: Modern day couples do some research before approaching a wedding photographer. They might come across a fabulous pre-wedding shoot or a very unique style of wedding cinematography that they just love and ask the photographer to replicate the same. No photographer would like to copy someone else’s work. Instead, he or she would be happy to take the concept and customize their style to come up with satisfying results.
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