What Are The Basic Auto Repair Services Carried Out By A Mechanic?

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The productivity of cars has immensely increased with time. Mainly, because they have turned out to be the perfect means that not only take care of the necessities of the owner but at the same time they also give them the luxurious drive that they deserve. Best thing about the latest cars is that they are equipped with advance technology that enhances the performance and the durability of the car.  However, maintenance plays an important role when the car has latest tools and technology. In order to handle such mechanism you need someone who holds the required expertise, and what would be a better option than car mechanic.

Most of the mechanics offer several car repair services for their customer. But, how will you know to make a good choice. Therefore, here you can find the basic repair services carried out by mechanic along with a brief guide to understand whether you need that service for your car or not.

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Understanding Different Auto Repair Services

When you know more about your vehicle then you can easily understand the problems in your car. For instance, you can detect some of the common problems only through your sense, such as something looks, smells, or sounds like trouble. Let’s explore more about this in detail.

Something Looks Like Problem

Occasional stains or small drops of fluid on your car may not affect the vehicle, however you need to give proper attention on some things that occur on a regular basis and are unusual.

Identifying Fluids by using their Consistency and Color

  • If you find black or dark brown oil dropping off from your car then this means that the engine oil of your car is leaking. A bad gasket or seal could have probably caused this to happen.
  • Fluorescent orange color, yellowish green or blue fluids indicates that antifreeze fluids are leaking which mainly occurs because of leaking radiator or water pumps.
  • Leaking of red and oily fluids portrays that power steering or transmission fluid is leaking.
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Something Smells Like Problem

There are many problems of the car that can be detected with the help of its odor, such problems are

  • A thick acrid odor comes from hot or burning oil and so you need to lookout for such signs and get it immediately repaired from a mechanic.
  • When you get the smell of rotten egg then this indicates burning of sulphur. This usually takes place at catalytic converter or other control devices for emission. In such cases you should never delay and go for a repair at once.
  • Steamy or a sweet smelling odor tells you that the coolant of your car is leaking. However, there are times when the temperature gauge does not give out a warning light, but you need to immediately find a nearest service station that surrounds you. At the same time keep an eye over the gauge so that it does not over heat the engine of your car.
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Something Sounds Like Problem

Odd sounds like rattles, squeals, rumbles and squeaks are not good for your car. Rather it is an indication that something is not right!

  • When you hear a random thumping sound then you need to immediately check the shock absorber other than that even examine other suspension components too.
  • If you hear a rhythmic pounding sound then check the rod bearings or crankshafts and at the same time loosen up the transmission from torque converter.
  • If you hear a high pitched metal sound tapping, then you need to be aware that this is related to the engine of your car. Here, owners must use gas of proper octane rating, but if the problem persists then a good mechanic is highly recommended.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and get all the necessary details. If you want to know more then let’s go to the details.

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