What Are The Worst Designer Handbags And How To Recognize Them?

Fashion is highly subjective – the more extravagant the handbag is, the more chances are that people will have very different opinions about it. Therefore, it is difficult to say which handbags are the worst ever without expressing your own personal opinions.

However, there are certain rules, which you should consider, if you plan to buy a designer handbag. Let’s stop for a moment to discuss the most basic rules.

It is not bad – it is badly matched

The most common designer handbag mistake has nothing to do with the quality of the bag, but the taste of the person, who carries it. Some of the most extravagant handbags look great on the runway, because there is someone, who takes care of all the details and creates a coherent outfit.

Most women, who are not fashion-savvy and do not work as stylists, will have a problem doing the same thing on their own. For these women the best designer handbags are the safest ones – in classic colors and shapes. Anything out of the ordinary can result in a fashion crime, if the elements of the outfit are not paired up in a stylish manner.

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What Are The Worst Designer Handbags And How To Recognize Them

Fur – most difficult to master

Almost every list of the worst handbags in any given season includes at least one fur bag. Why is that? Creating a furry bag is difficult – too much fur on the bag, bad quality of the fur or badly incorporated fur are the most common mistakes committed even by the best and most renowned designers.

The authentic and faux fur on the handbag has to be impeccable – it has to look great and be of good quality.

If the handbag is all fur, make sure that the hair of the fur is not too long, otherwise the bag might be looking a bit awkward. If the fur is used only as an adornment of the bag, make sure that the fur is consistent in color, shape and quality throughout the bag. Evaluate the bag – does it look elegant and classy? Will it match your personal sense of style?

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More is less

If the bag is embellished with fur, beads, clasps, badges and zippers, all at the same time, you can be sure that the bag is going to look hideous. There is a limit to everything and fashion is always more about the concept and quality, than quantity. If you think that there is too much going on in the handbag exterior, then you are probably right.

If you are not sure how to recognize when the bag is overstyled, try describing the evening bag in one sentence – if you can capture the concept in a few words, it is always a good sign of consistency of the design.

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Trendy kitsch

Some designers, e.g. Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood, are famous for pushing the boundaries and creating fashion items, which are kitschy or very extravagant. If you want to buy a kitschy clutch, make sure that you use it in a fashionable way. Create an outfit, which is not too serious, but shows your sense of humor, without going too far.

Make sure that the kitschy handbag is the star of your outfit and do not add too many accessories, which are similar in style.

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