6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Recovering From A Breast Lift Procedure

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a type of surgery that both lifts and reshapes breasts that may have lost their firmness and shape over time. This is typically due to aging, nursing or pregnancy. After the surgery itself, one must take great care while recovering. There are various tips the individual who underwent the breast lift surgery can take to make the recovery period much quicker and easier.

1. Wear a Compression Garment

Most of the time, the surgeon will tell the patient to wear a “compression garment.” These types of garments can be found at a lot of different online medical device sites. It’s important to wear a “compression garment” because it gets rid of any harmful fluids from the body as well as reduces swelling and improves blood circulation. On average, the garment is worn for roughly 3 or 4 weeks after the breast lift surgery.

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2. Don’t Participate in Regular Activities For 2 to 3 Weeks

A breast lift surgery is very serious, which is why a procedure like that requires the patient to keep away from their regular daily activities for anywhere from two to three weeks. This gives their body time to really recover. Of course, these activities include work. As far as the more vigorous activities like exercise go, these will typically require about 6 weeks of recovery. However, the patient should avoid any pulling, pushing and lifting until the surgeon says it’s safe.

3. Don’t Sleep on the Stomach

After the breast lift surgery is performed, patients must not sleep on their stomach. While this may sound difficult, it’s important because sleeping on the stomach adds extra pressure to the patient’s chest.

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4. Relax as Much as Possible Right After the Procedure

The hardest part of any breast lift procedure is the first few days of recovery. That’s because the patient will tend to feel discomfort and pain. The best thing the patient can do for themselves is to completely relax and move as little as possible. There may also be a bit of bruising and swelling from the procedure, but that will fade with the coming weeks. Most of the recovery period should be spent in bed.

5. Take Notice of Any Unusual Changes

As a patient, individuals have to keep track of any unusual changes they see on their body. If there are conditions like bleeding, increased bruising and swelling, or a discharge, the surgeon needs to be called immediately.

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6. Use Prescription Creams to Fade Scars

During a breast lift surgery, there are sutures put in. These are normally taken out within two weeks of the surgery, but sometimes it takes a couple of months for signs of the surgery to completely fade. The surgeon may even prescribe creams to help reduce the signs of scars.

The recovery period for each person is different. While some have an easy time healing from a breast lift surgery, others experience extreme discomfort that lasts a while. Overall, though, patients will be stiff, sore and have little feeling in the breasts for a couple of weeks. To get through the toughest parts of recovery, there should always be someone with the patient. There should also be contact with the surgeon throughout the whole recovery process.

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