Back For Good, Popcorn Time Says, “Will never be Taken Down”

Back For Good, Popcorn Time Says, Will never be Taken Down

So what happens when MPAA takes down a pirating website and claims that it has been shut down permanently? Well it comes back and with a REBEL YELL. That’s what exactly happened with the famed Popcorn Time. Yes Folks, it’s back and with upgraded piracy goodness, cannons ablaze yelling with a tagline,

“Will never be taken down”

Back For Good, Popcorn Time Says, “Will never be Taken Down"

Popcorn Time resurface on the internet on Jan 11, less than two months after the MPAA claimed that they have permanently shut it down. After Signals around Twitter saying that the website is coming back to life since January 2nd, the website finally made a comeback with a new domain name, With a new user interface and new versions of the applications for different platforms, the movie streaming website looks forward to a successful resurrection.

Popcorn time is one of the best movie streaming applications around. Some might ask, ‘so what’s the difference between this and Netflix or showbox?’. Well, Netflix does let you watch movies and good quality but then again it charges you for it whereas you can do it for free via downloading showboxapk for pc or mac. The Internet should be free and anything seen through the internet should be also. That’s one of the core principles of Popcorn Time as it lets you watch anything for absolutely free. It streams any movie that you want to see and lets you stream at available picture qualities, FOR FREE.

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How it Works

Well if you are using Popcorn Time you must be aware of files called torrents, or domains of the same name. These are nothing but pirated files of movies or software or books, simply put everything. And they are all available here for free.

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Free is the Main Motto People

So as far as movie torrents go, when you try to watch a movie that just got released, you have to go to your home, turn on your PC, search for  a torrent website, then search for a good torrent of the movie, check the quality of the print and finally, hit the start button for download. And then comes the inevitable time of waiting. Waiting for the download to complete. AWGHH!!

Well, with this app, you just need a bucket of popcorn and the application itself and that’s it. It has an integrated media player that streams the movies or the serials that you want to watch directly from the torrent. You can select the picture quality and just hit the play button and ‘voila’, the content will start streaming. Countries where torrents are banned or checked upon, people are advised to use a VPN for anonymity. Another plus point about this app is that it’s a multi-platformer and you can also download popcorn time in your smartphone (If you’re still not living in the 18th century, with a Symbian OS). It can be downloaded from the website link given above.

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According to Torrent freak a website rep. told them that the main reason behind the website shutdown was that someone from the inside was tampering with the website.

“In the last few days someone has been [tampering] with our infrastructure, mainly our DNS service, and we can’t convince our provider that we are us and want to stay online,”

We are glad you are back Popcorn with your buttery, cheesy goodness and hope you don’t go away. I know my flavour of Popcorn, do you know yours’s?

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