What Makes A Party Great?

Every celebration is meant to be just that, a celebration. But what separates a good party from a great party? Let’s look at the essential elements one by one. If you are planning a party, consider this as your checklist to ensure your event will be a memorable one.

1) Timing

Timing is key. Are you having your party during busy season or during off-peak season? Are the key people you have invited available during the time and date you have set? The key to perfect timing is to actually plan ahead. Cramming will not lead to a great party. Get organized. Connected to timing, you should be able to send the party invitations way ahead of time.

2) Invitations

Guests can already guess from the quality of invitations if the party will be great. Do not just send typical card invitations. Make sure they are unique and interesting, and will definitely lure your invitees to not miss your great party. Do not forget the RSVP and follow-up with your guests. Since we are in the digital world, don’t forget to send it via online channels like social media – it will help spread news about your party like wildfire. But if you would like to keep your party intimate, then personalized invitations should do the trick.

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3) Atmosphere

Come party time, the moment the guests step into the event, they should already have a great impression. The party ambiance should do it. This could be achieved via a combination of great elements:

  1. Decorations. Choose those that are aligned with the theme of your party. Decorations will help brighten up spaces and make the mood more festive. Decorate every important aspect of your party venue – the curtains, the lights, the tables and chairs, and of course, the buffet table. Decorations do not have to be expensive; you can go visit thrift stores and look for great looking party paraphernalia aligned with your theme.
  2. Lighting and aroma. Make sure you have great lighting as well. Not too bright that it causes an eyesore, and not too dim that the guests cannot see each other anymore. Lighting should be aligned with your theme. You can also try strobe lights and black lighting is you want that true wild party vibe. If you have scented candles as well, which you think can help recreate the mood you’re going for, then go for it as well.
  3. Music. Aside from sights, sounds are important as well and can well complement your decorations and lighting. Create a playlist that goes with your party theme. Make sure your guests can relate well with the music, or if it is something new, something that you think they will enjoy. If you have more in your budget why not hire a DJ? Or even a band? These are great attractions for a party.
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4) Food

In every event, one of those elements that people often look forward to would be the food. Plan your menu well, and make sure there is a little bit of something for everyone, even the vegetarians. If you are not that skilled on cooking or you do not have the time for it, hiring a catering company would be best. Collaborate with them and let them know your party theme, ideas, and set budget. Remember, a great party has great food. Let your guests experience a feast, not just any ordinary mealtime.

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5) Games and Activities

A great party is never boring. So make sure you have already prepared a great line-up of games and activities that everyone will love to be part of. Prizes for the winners of the games will also be a plus.

If you’re planning a great party, put yourself in the shoes of the guests. What would you want to see, eat, smell, hear, or feel? A great party is a well-planned party, so get those thinking caps on!

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.

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