What You Need To Know About The Fascinating History and Heritage Of The Arabian Horse

Amongst the many majestic animals today, the Arabian horse takes centre stage. Why? Because it is known as the oldest breed of riding horse in the world. As a matter of fact, the Arabian horse has been bred for thousands of years in the Arabian peninsula, cared for and trained by the Bedouins.

 The History and Origin of the Arabian Horse

 The Bedouins are the first known breeders of this type of horse. They used Arabian horses as war horses, especially bred for long journeys and forays into the camps of enemies. And since the Arabian horse had to live in such harsh conditions in the desert, it developed a uniquely robust constitution exemplified with especially strong lungs as well as amazing endurance and physical strength and agility.

Even though its history can be traced back thousands of years, you can still find some descendants of the earliest horses of Arabian origin today. Back in the day, a person’s wealth and power was measured by his ownership of Arabian horses. Some well-known and notable historical personages who have made use of the Arabian horse’s strength and speed include the infamous Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and George Washington.

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 But the historical great who was primarily responsible for spreading the word about the merits of the Arabian horse was Mohammed, the prophet, who, in the 7th century A.D., told his followers to take care of Arabian horses and treat them well. He also stated that Arabian mares should be treated with extra care as they would guarantee the breed’s continuity.

 The Heritage of the Arabian Horse

Since the Arabian horse was bred and taken care of in such a harsh climate and weather conditions, its owners were often in the habit of sharing their own water and food, and even their housing (consisting of tents), with their horses. Because of this, the Arabian horse developed a closer empathy and closer ties with humans, as well as a keener intelligence.

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Through the centuries, the original breeders of the Arabian horse closely maintained and guarded the Arabian horse breed’s purity. And since the Bedouins did not have too many resources at their disposal, their breeding processes and practices became even more selective. But such a selective breeding process turned out to be in the Arabian horse’s advantage, as it became an even more prized horse breed, esteemed and renowned throughout the world. Today, the Arabian horse, through its selective breeding, has become known for its distinctive and elegant profile, with a broad forehead, large, gleaming eyes set wide apart, large nostrils, and small, elegantly-curved ears.

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 But more than its physical attributes, Arabian horses are also known for their athletic prowess and talents, especially in a wide array of disciplines. The Arabian horse is indeed the acknowledged champion when it comes to endurance, strength, agility, and beauty.

Owning an Arabian horse takes special care and knowledge. After all, these horses are truly unique in their own right and have a history and heritage that dates back thousands of years. If you would like to have the opportunity to care for your very own Arabian horse, visit www.arabhorsesforsale.com and take your pick from amongst the many well-chosen stallions, mares, colts, fillies, and geldings available.

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