Why Greeks Are So Important In Options Trading?

Why Greeks Are So Important In Options Trading?

Options trading can be highly volatile in nature. There’s always a lot of risk involved. If that risk is not weighed accurately you may end up putting up a lot of your money at risk. There are a number of instruments that you can engage to understand the risk factor associated with options trading, and possibly even reduce it. Options Greeks is one of those tools that equip you with the right knowledge of different aspects of options trading, the risk involved, and how you can use this knowledge to tilt the outcome in your favor.

Options Greeks can prove to be useful in a number of ways. Unfortunately there application till date is limited, for many people still do not understand them or know of the ways in which these Greeks can benefit them. These Greeks work on all aspects of trading, right from the assessment of underlying stock, its value to expiry, the risk factor involved, and how to invest more or less on this stock to make maximum profit. There are different Greeks defined for each of these aspects, which individually or collectively help a trader stay aware of risks involved and do his stock trading accordingly.

There are 5 kinds of Options Greeks that help you as a stock trader make well-informed decisions. These help you assess the different aspects of an underlying stock, and how its value can change with time. However, it’s not necessary to use them all at the same time every time. To make the best of your knowledge of Options Greeks you need to use the 3 primary aspects of options trading, which include:

  • Change in options value: Options value can change owing to a number of factors. Options Greeks help understand those factors and how they can be affected by the trends the current and future valued of stocks, helping you call your shots by staying well-informed about these trends.
  • How the volatility factor changes: Some stocks may be more volatile than the rest. They may rise or fall in value sharply, and may even be unpredictable at times. Options Greeks helps identify these stocks, and how one can deal in them most effectively.
  • Time value decay: Every option has an expiry date. The value of its stock starts dropping rapidly as the expiry approaches. This creates a possibility for a trader to use this trend to his benefit and make the best out of it.
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