Would It Be A Better Option To Undertake A Cervical Cancer Test During The Tenure Of Pregnancy?

Would It Be A Better Option To Undertake A Cervical Cancer Test During The Tenure Of Pregnancy?

With the aid of a cervical screening test, you go on to ascertain the health condition of the cervix. Here you try to find out the growth of abnormal cells which can turn into cancer. In order to find more information about abnormal pap pregnant, free screening tests are given to women. Women who fall in the bracket of 25 to 49 years are advised to undergo a free screening test once every 3 years. Once you touch the age bracket of 50 to 64 years, once in 5 years would seem to be fine.

In certain situations, a woman is not advised to be part of a cervical screening test, and this is if they are pregnant or not. The reason for it is that pregnancy could make it a lot harder in order to interpret the results. In case if you are really planning for a pregnancy it would better on your part to ask your GP whether you are in line with the date of screening of your cervical cancer. It would point to the fact that any tests or results could be arranged during the time of pregnancy. Pap smear can detect pregnancy or not is another point of debate as well.

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If you have already become pregnant and then due for the cervical cancer test, it is going to postpone till the point of 3 months when you find that the baby is being born. You need to inform your doctor that you are pregnant when you are asked to come for the test. But if the results have proven to be abnormal from this test, then the chances are that you need to be screened at the time of pregnancy as well. On your first appointment, you will be asked to appear for this test. There would be no interference with the results of this test on your pregnancy.

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There is no major reason to panic if the test of the results has turned out to be abnormal. No way has it pointed to the fact that you have cancer. It points to the fact that there are some abnormal cells in the cervix. Then a colposcopy where a close examination of the cervix or the vagina is going to take place. You can term it as a safe form of examination where the surgeon goes on to find any abnormal cells in your cervix.

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In the event of there being any mild form of changes on the cervix, there would be no form of treatment till about 3 months when you find that the baby happens to be born. After this point in time, you would need another round of colposcopy in order to check out the condition of the health of your baby as well. Most often the case is that the abnormal cells turn back to their normal self in a short course of time. but if the cells are pronounced more testing is called for.

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