Your guide to wearing short sleeve shirts

The short sleeve shirt is basically a version of the garment that most men wear every day of the week to work. However, it’s not as straightforward and there are numerous pitfalls to be avoided when donning a short sleeve shirt. All it requires is a little forethought and you’ll be making this summertime staple look fresh and stylish. Here are some handy tips:

The Fit

This is one of the most crucial elements to making a short sleeve look good. It matters not what your budget is, as long as ensure that your clothes fit well, you can pull off almost any look or trend. With short sleeve shirts, pay attention to the shoulders and the sleeves. The shirt should fit well across your shoulders with no pulling across the chest or sides. The sleeves should finish around the mid-bicep mark and you should only be able to fit one finger between the material and your arm of the latest on-trend look.

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The Fabric

Short sleeve shirts are definitely casual and at best, smart casual when at their smartest. This means they are usually only worn during the spring and summer months and with this in mind, choosing a lightweight material like linen or cotton is your best bet. Cotton is a little more structured and smarter with tailoring, while linen is nicely breathable in the hot weather.

During the warmer weather, polyester and other synthetic fabrics are best avoided. They might be cheap, but they will make you sweat buckets, won’t hang well and just make you feel uncomfortable.

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The Details

As with long sleeve varieties, short sleeve shirts come with a wide range of details, all with different benefits. Rolled sleeves are a timeless style and work well on neutral or plain designs, providing some added visual interest.

Chest pockets are a useful addition but avoid contrasting colors or patterns. For a sportier look, choose a shirt with a notched sleeve like that on a polo shirt.

The Collar

The two main options are a point collar or a Cuban one. The point collar is harder to get right, though the Cuban can be worn under a suit for a casual vibe or worn with chinos. The best bet is to opt for a button-down Oxford shirt with the top buttons undone for a relaxed, laid back feel. Check out the timeless elegance of the Mens Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt from

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Tips for wearing

The secret to wearing one well is to focus on the smart casual element. This will help to steer you away from pairing it up with strictly casual pieces, like distressed jeans and joggers. You can’t go wrong with combining with chinos, tailored shorts and loafers or espadrilles. Avoid tucking unless you want to look like you’re working in customer services and never wear with a tie unless you’re flying a commercial airliner! The short sleeve shirt can also work well when worn over a plain t-shirt for a laid-back look.

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