15 Birthday Gift Ideas For Him That You Have Never Heard About

Ladies, do you agree with me that a well thought out gift will always make him feel special? I don’t know why this is so, but I definitely like the priceless emotion on his face when I get him such great birthday gifts.

Here are 15 birthday gift ideas that you can use to leave him smiling and thinking how lucky he his to have you as his lady.

1. Kidnap Surprise Party

What could be more exciting and surprising than this? It requires a level of planning though. You will need to decide with a few friends that he does not know and ask them to kidnap him on that day.

He will be blindfolded and brought to the party venue; you just wait to see the mixture of emotions on him, from fear to excitement and happiness.

2. Adventure Gift

You must try this one if he is a person that loves adventure. You can take him rock climbing or trekking on a weekend. Or even consider going on a hot air balloon ride from which you will experience a spectacular sight of landscape and other marvelous places right from up above.

Remember to plan for good food, soft music and a bottle of wine. How about taking a dive from an aircraft? It will be great just with the two of you. All you need is to strap on with him and take the jump.

These are priceless experience gifts that will initiate adrenalin rush.

3. A Personalized Gift

This is an option that can never go out of fashion. There are numerous ways to make your creativity shown with a personalized and attractive gift for him.

You can use a handmade birthday card or a picture frame engraving his name on it. Do you know that you can actually make a card in just a few minutes?

Not all cards though, but there are a lot that can be easily assembled in few minutes. All you need is a cute piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, stamp sets, glue dot, ruler, and ribbons.

The stamp set comes in various patterns, so you should select the one that fits the occasion – happy birthday in my own case. Cut the cardboard to your desired card size, add design to it with the stamp set, and then fasten the ribbon to it using the glue dots.

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How easy could this get? You can check out more personalized gifts at birthdaygifts4him.com.

4. Sport Accessories

Almost all men have one sport or the other that they love. Now you can count yourself lucky if he has one that he practices either for fitness or just for leisure.  Then you already know which sport accessories he might have been planning to get for himself.

So if he likes cricket, then a cricket kit would be cool. If he loves basketball, then you can go for a professional size ball, and so on.

5. Fashion Accessories

Men as you know are also fashion conscious as women. I see this as an advantage when searching for a gift for a man. All you need is to study his fashion style and go for accessories that will complement this.

Some of these are the cufflinks, belts, wrist watches, tag necklaces, branded wallets, and so on.

6. 12 Days of Birthday

Plan for his birthday 12 days ahead and prepare a note and gift for each of these days. You will start from the twelfth day with this, “On the 12th day to your birthday, your darling gave to you..” it could be a little treat, some days could be fun activities, some other could be a letter, and so on till the D-day.

Just put your creativity to work here and make it an awesome week for him.

7. Handwritten Letters

The trick for this one is that you are not the only person that will take part in this. Have all his friends and loved ones write a little letter each expressing their love and memorable moments with him.

Of course you should be prepared for some very funny, serious, poetry, or even a list of things you never knew about him.

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8. Musical Tribute

A lot of people believe you must have one musical skill or the other before you can achieve this. Though it is reasonable to think that way, but my cousin had his wife make one of these for each member of his family and it was so awesome.

Make him a musical tribute and you will see him watch it over and over again. You don’t need to be too serious or professional about it, it is more fun when you make it funny, silly, and add some personalized touches to it.

9. Ticket to Events

By now you should already have a list of events or sport activities that he loves attending. Even if not, you would need just a very little amount of time to figure this out.

After getting this first part right, you can then purchase season tickets to watch his favorite sport team or event.

10. Surprise Dinner

This shouldn’t be like every other dinner that you have had with him. You can take a break on this day, as you will not be doing the cooking.

Take him to dinner at a nice restaurant, but invite his friends and loved ones without him knowing. They will all be waiting at the restaurant to surprise him.

It can be just a simple dinner together or you can ask them to come along with gifts and little souvenirs that will strike the memories that they had shared with him.

11. Hourly Gifts

Get 11 little gifts and 1 major gift for the day. Wrap them up with a note for him to open every hour from the time he was born.

If he was born at 7:10 A.M., the first gift will be opened at this time and for every hour till 7:10 P.M. Remember the gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can use things like his favorite chocolate, movie pass, and so on.

12. A Birthday Week

You know birthdays fall during the week most of the time and this would usually be a day when everyone has to work. It is no problem; you can make the celebration last all week with an activity to celebrate each day.

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Take him to the movies on one day, make him breakfast on another, send him a gift on the next, and so on till the last day.

13.  A Day Off

This is not so easy, but can be made easy by planning ahead. Just like the previous option, this might be a day that he should be at work.  However, secretly talking to his director or boss about a surprise birthday for him would not be bad.

Go to his place of work on this day and take him out. He will be expecting a usual short outing on his lunch break, but you will leave him surprised when he finds out that you already made arrangements for the whole day.

14. Recreating Special Memories

I’m sure you still remember that place where you shared your first kiss with him, or where you first met, dated and so on.

Plan this day to go visit a few of these places and have fun activities there. Make reservation for lunch at the venue where you first met and dinner where you had your first kiss. There are lots of ways to make this fun.

15. A Day His Way

I know most ladies have a list of things that their man loves doing, but she does not. This is the opportunity for you to surprise him by dedicating this day for him to do all these.

Not just him of course, you have to take part in it with him. However, you should make sure this is fun for you too and don’t just make it obviously boring.

Device a way or add a twist to these activities that will make them also interesting for you.

Now tell me, which of these birthday gift ideas will you use for your boyfriend?

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